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Dwehrlen, Risen of Ingenuity and Generosity

  The Dwehrlen were one of the last Risen races to come to fruition - but their importance is not to be understated. Their creator, Deign, was obsessed with armor and forging after becoming the first being to forge metal. He also had a great love for his sister Seigna and her works of the great animals and Magickal Beasts that roamed Nora. Deign looked most fondly on those that possessed a natural armor with no need for metal reinforcement. Lizards, Tortoises, and Crocodilians were all beloved - but none more than the Pangolin. He saw these creatures as nearly perfect, being a paired combination of 'cute' aesthetics and powerful armor, their plating nearly impervious to mundane weaponry. He declared the species as holy and chose these to be the model for his Risen after Seigna's passive approval.   Dwehrlen appear similar to bipedal pangolins and stand hunched over shorter than the average human; just shy of one and a half meters. Their prehensile tail is slightly longer than the body and often drags on the ground behind them. Just like their animal counterparts, they can use this tail to curl up into a near-impenetrable ball for defense, though it doesn't offer quite as much defense against predators of Risen-level intelligence. By balling up, they have also learned how to roll with great speed if only in a straight direction. Because of these abilities, they tend to not wear anything on their backs, instead sticking to packs and pouches worn on their stomachs. They possess powerful claws on their arms which can be used for exceptional digging in lieu of tool usage.    They reside primarily within The Worldspine and the surrounding mountain ranges yet can be found working as smiths throughout the world. Throughout history, Dwehrlen have largely abstained from armed conflict, taking a neutral or pacifist approach so long as the conflict did not pose a direct threat to their people or cities. During most wars they will continue to manufacture arms and armors for both sides as requested, provided those sides show no aggression towards the Dwehrlen. Currently, the Dwehrlen remain openly allied with most countries including Nioyaathep, despite urgings to cease from the neighboring Ehlen. 
  The Dwehrlen are known for being the most peaceful and accommodating of all the Risen races thus far. They are exceptionally kind and honest, often to the detriment of their own well being. They have a tendency of being gullible when it comes to manipulative individuals, yet that does not mean they are easily forgiving. Dwehrlen are honest to a fault as they expect everyone around them to be just as honest as they are. Should someone betray this trust and honesty, they are blacklisted by Dwehrlen society, and deemed less than garbage. Liars and cheats are deemed to be anathema to a prosperous society and are ousted and treated as such. Slow to anger, but fierce in their vengeance.  
  Dwehrlen culture beneath the mountains is completely revolved around two things - work and worship. While not as fanatical in their faith as the Dahlen, they hold a deep love and gratitude towards their creator and aspire to become closer to him. They accomplish this by pouring their lives into their work. Most of them work as manual laborers, particularly as blacksmiths and miners. Thanks to their creator Deign they have a natural affinity for working with metal and take advantage of this by becoming the best they can possibly be at their trade. It is a common belief that through work and smithing they can become even more like their god.   Their society is split between a few underground cities focused entirely on the production and the export of their crafts. Risen the world round acknowledge their abilities and travel far to pay patronage for them. The Dwehrlen are in a constant state of production and export the excess to anyone interested in purchasing them. This fuels their economy if only to afford more products to enhance their crafts - outside of entertainment, of course.   'Work hard, play hard' fits the Dwehrlen well. With their heavy work loads, they gain quite the appetite for alcohol and tobacco. Most Dwehrlen have a soft spot for such vices as they help ease their worn bodies. The large insects found underneath the Worldspine make up the majority of their diet as they have some difficulty digesting a regular Risen diet, though their penchant for alcohol and narcotics tends to make up for that in terms of consumption.


Author's Notes

In-Game Mechanics   Under Mountain Smiths

  • Dwehrlen gain advantage on ability checks related to crafting
  • Dwehrlen gain advantage on ability checks related to bartering
  • Dwehrlen gain dark vision out to thirty meters
Pangolins Now Risen
  • Dwehrlen start with two points in Character and Endurance
  • Dwehrlen gain an armor equivalent to scale mail and do not offer a benefit to back strikes
  • Dwehrlen walk slower than other races at a rate of eight meters per turn instead of ten
  • When travelling in a straight line, a Dwehrlen can roll into a ball and pick up speed for a short time, reaching 12 meters per turn, provided they have no equipment on their back when attempting this

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