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Dahlen, Risen of Faith and Passion

  The Dahlen were the third Risen race to set foot upon the world. Created by Sturn and named after his beloved daughter, theirs is a race of devoted love and piety towards their creator and namesake gods. They were the first Risen to be granted the gift of Magick, and used this to establish themselves as a great power in the world quicker than the other races. While this was deemed to be one of Sturn's great sins and that the Dahlen were not responsible for the actions of their creator, this did not withdraw the enmity of the of the other Risen.   Dahlen are much like the Ehlen in their build, as Sturn wished for them to bring him closer to Elanaah. They are tall and long lived, often reaching 150-250 years in a natural lifespan. They have long pointed ears that stick off of their heads, along with angular, defined facial features. Their hair is often white or silver, and their skin tones range from light grey to dark purples and every shade in-between. Due to Sturn's blood flowing through them, on rare occasions Dahlen are born with snakelike features, ranging from patches of skin being replaced with snakeskin, forked tongues and fangs, to half-breed crosses with snake heads or their legs replaced with the bottom half of a snake.   Ever since Sturn was condemned to rule over the Realm of the Dead, the Dahlen have been the target of ridicule by others, both Risen and a number of gods. Instead of pleading for better treatment or going on the aggressive, they reacted passively. They decided instead to put all of their resources into conquering the desert and thriving in their homeland. Powerful Magick users rose and fell among them, all spending their lives and energy for the betterment of the race as a whole. They have had feuds in the past with the Ehlen, Ehrlen, and the humans of La Patria and Das Konigreich, but these have only led to even more fervent expansion of the Dahlen nation to the edge of Nioyaathep.   Currently, the Dahlen reside within their borders, focusing on strengthening their desert civilization. Though their agents have spread far and wide throughout the world.  
  Faith and passion are core facets of the character of a Dahlen. They are a race of excess, both in their beliefs and their actions. Dahlen are often fiery and flamboyant. They have a tendency for sarcasm and melodrama, and if they aren't the first ones to start a physical fight over a conversation, they will be the first to provoke it with their words. While not necessarily liars, they tend to be devious in nature as to hide their true purpose and maintain control over a conversation.  
  Unlike the other Risen, the Dahlen were created with an innate devotion towards Sturn, and built a fanatic civilization in reverence to him and Dahlia. Their daily life is filled with ritual and reverence. They can be found praying multiple times a day, typically at a local temple or at an altar installed in nearly every home. They live in a purely matriarchal theocracy that praises the individual and the priesthood. The matriarch of the family is treated much like a queen and the rest of the family will often work according to her wishes. While a male can surely reach a high position of power, they will never be part of the leadership and will certainly have to go through much more trial and tribulation than their female counterparts.   Serpents, being both being the creation and the symbol of Sturn, are sacred in Dahlen culture, and to harm or endanger one often is treated with capital punishment. Their imagery is spread throughout their cities and temples, and the beasts are often bred in the temples as holy animals. Those that are born with snakelike features are considered to be blessed by the gods and are given positions of high status from birth, whether in the clergy or in the military.   The Dahlen are known for their parties and festive traditions. They throw numerous grand festivals throughout the year full of song and dance, the crowds of which are said to shake the ground in their celebration. Everything from their births to their marriages are scaled to be as grand as budget and supply limitations will allow. Alcohol is often a mainstay of these festivities, particularly many varieties of beer and wine.   While most other nations hold them at arm's length, they are very active in trade, and have made allies of the Dwehrlen in recent years.


Author's Notes

In-Game Mechanics   Fanatical Zeal and Deceit

  • Dahlen gain proficiency on ability checks related to religion and performance
  • Dahlen gain proficiency on ability checks related to bluffing members of other races
  • Once per short rest, a Dahlen may conjure a minor visual or auditory hallucination within a short distance
Desert Dwellers
  • Dahlen begin with two points each in Wits and Character
  • Dahlen do not suffer a penalty on ability checks related to bright light or darkness
Children of the Serpent Gods
  • Dahlen gain immunity to beast-related poisons and advantage on ability checks related to serpents
  • Some Dahlen are born as rare individuals with snake-like features or appendages; depending on the prominence of these traits, mechanics related to choosing a Dahlen character may be changed/removed up to the DM's discretion

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