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"In the early days of Dahlen civilization, we were but fractured families squabbling over what little habitable land we could claim in order to stake out a life. This led to a rift in our kind between the north and south with the great Oiyasi lake being the sole source of sustainable water in the desert. Mortair ascended to godhood and left her mortal coils behind -- but she also left us a son. Sturmenoth Menes beseeched his mother for a united people and home for his daughters, sacrificing himself upon her altar in the heart of the desert. It is said that from his blood and his godly mother's grace flowed an unending torrent of water that coiled around the desert bowl beneath the altar to form Lake Menes and the rivers from it. Lake Menes proved most fruitful, which led to the establishment of Bakison as a capital city for the Dahlen. Sturmenoth's eldest daughter Clenneth Menes was anointed as the first High Priestess of Bakison and formed the priesthood as we know it today. With Bakison standing as a monument to the deific willpower of the Dahlen, their people united and formed Nioyaathep under the banner of their new capital and the Menes family." - Birth of Bakison

Home of the Reverential

  Bakison, as explained through the great reliefs surrounding the temple at the head of the city, was born out of ritual sacrifice and devoted worship. Little is spoken of the years it took builders and servants to cut and drag sandstone from the surrounding mountains and erect the great structures within as it is overshadowed by the tales and myths of the Menes family and the Dahlen gods. Clenneth Menes, the first High Priestess of the city, oversaw the construction while she sent her three younger sisters to spread the word to the other Dahlen settlements and establish a united priesthood.   The Dahlen are in their very nature a religious people, second to none in their love for their gods. Word spread quickly of a magickal lake and a city being built around the Altar of Mortair. After hearing of everything that had transpired in this place, many set forth to make this location into a true capital for those zealous enough to make the trip. Curious visitors turned into caravans which turned into mass pilgrimages to the new city. Each one of the faithful that arrived in Bakison first fell to prayer, kneeling before the altar and the great pyramid being built around it. Then each one fell to work so they could have a hand in constructing it.   Following the elevated pyramid at the head of the city, they built further temples, bathhouses, noble villas and more spreading far from the temple. Bakison flourished as the first true capital of the Dahlen and gave a home to the most faithful of their kind. The city was declared a safe haven for any disciples of Dahlia, Sturn, and Mortair, offering food and shelter to those willing to work. Throughout time and into recent years this has held true, though the disparity between the nobles and the downtrodden faithful has grown.

City of Serpents

  Bakison, true to its name, is home to all of Sturn's children, even those who are not Risen. All kinds of serpents roam the city's streets and swim in its waters. They are treated both as sacred beings to the Dahlen as well as guardians of the city. Sturn's first children are commonly feared by other Risen, especially those with the gift of venom. Citizens believe that they judge the wicked, seeking out criminals and vile trespassers within the city limits. It is commonly said that those who do not pay patronage to the serpents will be soon punished by them.

Sturmenoth's Waters, Ever-flowing

  At the base of the Altar of Mortair lies a golden sarcophagus containing the remains of Sturmenoth Menes. Ever since his original sacrifice, water has continued to flow from his body. Bakison has a series of canals and fountains flowing from the pyramid at the head of the city down to Lake Menes and further on to the sea. There is only one day a year when the water does not flow -- the Night of Cold Death, on the anniversary of when Sturn left for the Realm of the Dead. For one day the canals and fountains run dry and the people observe a day of fasting to commemorate their dearest god.

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