Welcome to the Society Campaign

You are about to embark on an Epic journey of discovery. You are a member of the The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Artifacts and Hidden Treasures. an Adventurers guild that specializes in uncovering old lore and artifacts that have been long forgotten, and getting them into the hands of people that will appreciate them. You mission is to search old ruins, delve into deep dungeons, and traverse wild forests, all the pursuit of that which was once lost.
As a member of the Society, you have a the backing of one of the most well known adventurers guild. Their members are famous all around the world for their discoveries. Their membership includes Jonesy Porter, Chris Flameheart, @max and Severian the famous writer of over 12 books on history and legends. The Society can help you find resources, contacts, and equipment you will need for all of your exploration needs. You will have access to experts in many areas of knowledge to help you discover and unravel mysteries that you may find during your adventures.
  If you play your cards right, you too may one day be known all over the world as a famous explorer and scholar.
  Don't be fooled though, The life of an adventurer is dangerous. You will be going to places no one has ever made it out of. Facing creatures that endanger not only your body but also your soul. Even success can be dangerous, as more than one adventurer has met thier end by recovering an item with a curse, or simply one so dangerous that using it brought its own peril.
  You will have to use your wits, your strength, your training overcome the obstacles in your path. That is part of the fun though. Adventurers are a special kind of people, who put their lives in danger every time they go after the next quest. Each corner they turn, or door they open, or book they read could have disastrous consequences for them, those around them, or even the entire world, and they would have it any other way. An true adventurer doesn't adventurer because they are forced to. They do it because they can't not do it, it's in their blood. It's in your blood, and the Society can help you on your journey.
Adventurer's Toast
To your discoveries past and the adventures to come,
May you have all that you need and even then some.
To those who are with us, and to those who are lost,
and to those who have yet to join our cause.
From dungeons to ruins, to ancient halls, To drinks in taverns, behind safe walls. To all those who live out of an adventurer's trunk. I drink to you, now let us get drunk.
The World of Nor


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