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Nightlight Council

In the Mizarin Isles we believe in involving the population in matters of law. We priests are there to give our opinions but ultimately it is the people who should decide what the best course of action is. That is the reason why we have a Nightlight Council in each settlement.
— Mizarin Priest
  The Nightlight Council is a building which can be found in every Nekorian Settlement in the Mizarin Isles. Just like most of their building it is built inside one of the Mizarin Nightlights but it is much larger than a typical building as it needs to be able to hold many people at once. Here the Mizarin Priesthood and the Nekorians of a settlement come together to pass judgement on those breaking the laws.  




  Just like all Nekorian buildings in the Mizarin Isles the Nightlight Council is constructed by sculpting a Nightlight Tree into a building. Since the building needs to be rather large it can occur that two trees are used. Often only the lower areas of the tree are used for passing judgement. Higher layers can be used for different functions, such as housing.  


  The layout inside is determined by its main function, passing judgement. Since the Priests believe that they need to involve many other Nekorians in this process, the building needs to be able to accomodate many Nekorians. Not all people in a settlement can in the building at once but there should be at least room for 300.   In the center of the building a large round room is created with higher levels farther from the center. The idea is to have the accussed stand in the center so that all the seated Nekorians around the room have a good view. One section of the room has a balcony where the Priests are seated.  

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Passing Judgement

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  A trial usually starts with the high priest of a settlement adressing the various accusations of the defendant. Afterwards the accused is allowed to convince the room of her/his reasons or innocence.  


  Once the opening statements are witnesses are allowed to speak from the balcony as well. After hearing all of the accounts a short break is allowed during which many discuss what they just heard. When everyone returns the Nekorians in the room vote if the accused is guilty or not. If the majority deems the accused innocent, she/he is allowed to walk free.  


  However, if the accused is found guilty, a punishments needs to be determined. Typically the priests than discuss what possible punishment would be in proportion to the offence. About 20 Nekorians are than chosen at random from the crowd. These few are then allowed to discuss the matter in a private room. Once they return they tell everyone in the room what punishment they think is the best option.  

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