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Crystal Vipers

The Crystal vipers are a well known organisation within the city of Ironpeak but were most of the time ignored due to their influence over several high ranking members of the Ironpeak elite. The military of Ironpeak never acted against them until several people died during an explosion in the Ironpeak slums. All evidence pointed towards the Crystal Vipers and they had to keep low during the lockdown of the slums following the incident. Unknown to most they had their hideout in a merchant house in the middle class district of Ironpeak. In the basement of that shop they had a base which also contained a hallogenic mushroom (Nasik) farm.   The gang’s symbol is a snake curled around a sun which can be found on tattoo’s on their right arm or a necklace. Besides this, gang members and their allies can easily identify themselves with a touch of red in their clothing. For lower ranking members this is often a bandana or shirt but higher ranking members can be found wearing an ruby ring.   Although the gang controled the entire region in matters of crime their position was threatened by the Shadow Fangs. Their sudden rise to the top a few years ago had caused quite a stir given that they gained a lot of power in a short amount of time. For this reason the Shadow Fangs were the gang’s greatest enemy in Ironpeak especially since their attempt to disrupt the entire province.
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