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A   city of dwarven masterwork, of both stone and magics, straddling a deep, bottomless chasm in the brutally cold Caves of Deshault. Therfarum is an incredible testament to the effects of long life and focused efforts. Though much of the city would be a wonder to behold for any foreigner, the Arcanum, a complex masterwork of walkways and structures suspended over the depths of the ravine that splits the city in two, are a sight unbeholden anywhere else in the world.


Therfarum has an ancient history with spellcraft. Many of the dwarven wizards that aid The Iron Coin hail from this timeless and breathtaking dwarven city. In fact, a number of warforged were created here in ages past, completely separate from their kin in Eberron. A small number of dwarven earth genasi can be seen walking these incredible streets, too, signifying a past union with elemental earth in which the city was constructed.  
d100 Racial Demographic Census Pop. %
01-96 Dwarf 11,633 96%
97-98 Warforged 242 2%
99 Earth Genasi (Dwarven) 121 1%
100 Other Races 121 1%




Therfarum is riddled with powerful arcane runes used to protect their hoard of arcane crystals, archive of memories, and spellbooks of arcana masterwork. The city is also unaccessible from the outside world by any means save teleportation.

Industry & Trade

Tobert's Repair

Tinkerer's Shop
Tobert Rockwell, Gnome

Eleth's Fumic Aromas

Poisons and Herbs
Eleth Rockmoss, Mountain Dwarf


Adventurer's Guild

Runic Stonework

Kelmi Igneous, Mountain Dwarf

Respite of Ilmater

Unter Cavernlight, Mountain Dwarf

Instant Messenging

Belain Whitestone, Mountain Dwarf

Angros' Novelties

Angros Castwork, Mountain Dwarf

Deshault Works

Greff Jadewall, Mountain Dwarf

Cavern's Union

Worker's Union

The Bookstore

Thieving Supplies
Tulip Wilder, Halfling

  This shop is an accident waiting to happen. Tullip runs a bookstore as a persuasive front to her trading of knowledge, secrets, and other thievery tools. Should she ever get caught, it would spell disaster for her and her clients. She masks her embodiment of everything that the Deshault Dwarves stand against.

The Mountainheave

Weapons Shop
Brunigg Mountainheave

The Memoir

Located within the Arcanum, Therfarum mages can archive and store memories.


The Arcanum
The Memoir
Arcane Knowledge
Arcane Crystals

Guilds and Factions

The Therfarum Magehood



Therfarum, the Deep City, spawned the most powerful of dwarven sorcerers and wizards. Without these arcana craftsmen, the people of this city never could have succeeded; not only because of their magical defeat of the terrible cold, but also because they kept at bay the creatures with which they shared these caverns.   The Therfarum Magehood was initially liberal with its sharing of its mystical discoveries, particularly with other dwarven clans and settlements. Yoni "Truthsbane" Brassert was the first to begin the cycle that was to be repeated when he and his nation deceived the magehood, took advantage of their alliance, and thieved their secrets. Therfarum sealed itself off from all nations for nearly 500 years before again opening up to the rest of the world. Such an event has happened three times over the past 2,000 years. Each thief received their own infamous title and became a household name. These names are regularly used as curses and Deshault have no tolerance for lies and thievery. They treat knowledge above any material good which they share when the magehood sees fit to do so. Slighting the knowledge of a Deshault is a quick way to make a lifelong enemy.   For the first time in recorded history, the magehood and the king have agreed to allow their mages to venture out into the greater, open world. Many of these sharp-minded dwarves found themselves taking a significant part in The Iron Coin. It was the Deshaults who discovered the complex ley lines and existance of the waygates that connect the mystical archipelago together. It is the Deshaults who run and activate these pieces of ancient and magical technology.   Under Bifund Frosthand's kingship, the magehood has agreed to share its knowledge and powers with the new explorers and have been instrumental in the material and geographic stability of Wildcross. It has finally opened its gates for foreigners to enter its timeless halls after much negotation with Wildcross' young Mage's College, spurred by Tolbrin Mortise, and the final approval of the Deshaults that hold significant weight among the Iron Coin.


Tourists are eager to see The Deep Span, the rupture in the earth that divides the city in two, its great, spanning bridges connecting both sides. The Arcanum is a structure created for the purpose of magical instruction and contains a scrying stone, which the Deshault Mages would use in ages past to communicate with dwarven communities across the globe. It is a building of impressive and immense proportions, suspended by means unknown over the chasm. Its walkways have no underlying support and architects claim that such a structure simply could not exist.   Many first time visitors find their stomachs dropping to their toes as they attempt to take their first steps on The Arcanum's walkways and a feeling of terror as they look over its edges into the swallowing depths of blue darkness below.


All structures are made out of stone. Finding wood within Therfarum is quite rare, as even furniture is often fashioned from stone. Arcane runes are used as decoration to dress up flat stone, but they are also paramount in the running of the city and making Therfarum a tolerable place to live. Even the dwarves with Deshault blood couldn't thrive in the piercing cold without the acrana infastructure that, while not ridding the air of its chill entirely, creates the necessary warmth for a nation to survive. The powerful magics heat the stonework so that it's warm to the touch; so much so that most folk walk barefoot throughout their day-to-day activities. A foreigner would likely find the city uncomfortably cold unless bundled up in warm clothing.


Therfarum is located within the treacherously cold and complex cave system known as Deshault, dwelling below the Arcada Range on the island known as Wistol. The city spans a natural separation within the earth, its bridges suspended over chilly blue bottomless darkness below, connecting both sides of the city.

Natural Resources

Ebrium Fungus, though uncommon, grows in various quantities in the caves surrounding the city.   The Deshault caves are also rich in crystals often used by mystical folk for use as foci and spellcasting.
Alternative Name(s)
The Deep City
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