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Mag Aclaz

Waytravel to Mag Aclaz

M   ag Aclaz, or “To Rebel'' in Undercommon, is a castle city established inside and around a giant-sized castle by good natured members of the Underdark races who wanted nothing to do with their race’s ways. Mag Aclaz itself is located next to a giant glowing mushroom forest.   The ethereal blue glow near the settlement is caused by a magical device built by its residents’ ancestors to harness psionic energies from the Astral Plane which feeds its Flumph population and also serves as its defense against the occasional Illithid excursions.  
  • Tier: II (5-10)
  • Terrain type: Subterranean
  • Waypoint Type: Settlement (Small City)
  • Monster Type: Underdark, Plants (Fungi)
  • Materials: Ores, Herbs (Fungi)
  • Notable Trait: Large Exporter of Fungal Materials , Mithril Ores, and precious minerals
  • Known for: Psionic Warriors and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners
  • Current Calamity: Drow/Illithid Excursions (War)


    Demonym: Aclasian (Ack-ley-shan)   Population: Approx. 5000 (25% Drow, 25% Deep Gnomes, 25% Duergar, 15% Flumphs, 10% Other Races)   Other Races: Derro, Humans, Monastic Mindflayers, Freed Quaggoths, Reformed Mindwitness.  
    d100 Racial Demographic
    76-100 Drow
    51-75 Deep Gnome
    26-50 Duergar
    11-25 Flumph
    1-10 Roll 1d6 (1-2= Human, 3= Quaggoth, 4= Mindflayer, 5= Derro , 6= Mindwitness)
    While within 30 Miles of Mag Aclaz, creatures cannot be charmed or have their mind's read but can be detected by spells like Detect Thoughts.   Additionally, all sentient creatures within range that have no inherent immunity to an effect that would sense its emotions or read its thoughts, such as Flumphs, have a visual halo around their head with its size (in inches) equal to half its INT modifier.   This ambiance also has a specific effect on Mindflayers as any of their surveillance cannot penetrate this area without being barred and/or “wiretapped” by Mag Aclaz.


    Ruling Body: The High Seats
    Type: Republic
    The High Seats are mostly composed of the most capable members of Mag Aclaz’s major races or factions who also had the approval of Flumph Abbots. The following is a list of the positions and its current holder. Further details on each of them will be in the NPC section.  

    The Azul Seat

    Held by the Order of Clarity’s High Abbot, a 97 year-old Mindflayer named Metis

    The Kunig Seat

    Held by a 220 year-old Male Duergar named Oro Bradamantine who represents The Stacks

    The Lila Seat

    Held by a Female Dhampir of unknown age named Shyren Marnoch representing the Drow and the Awakened Undead.

    The Luntian Seat

    Held by a 137 year-old Deep Gnome named Frei Blacot Jaskit representing her race

    The Mavaya Seat

    Held by a 25 year-old Female Human named Alys Bellsdottr representing the Flumphs  


    The walls surrounding the city and the main castle are theorized to be made by stone giant hands. It was later maintained and modified with Drow and Duergar architecture. The Escher District is almost completely Drow in design while The Stacks is more of a mish-mash of designs modified by the Duergar architects to make it as stable as possible.


    The City’s defenses relies on its geographical location as its greatest physical defense, being on top of a raised landmass surrounded by a perpetually illuminated forest. It also utilizes its giant walls and castle as its primary defensive structures, as well as its labyrinthian paths to its advantage should enemies make their way into the city.   In terms of militia, the city utilizes psionic warriors and mages trained in guerilla warfare as well as utilizing Flumphs and Mindwitesses to imitate the Illithid chain of command.  

    Guilds and Factions

    Order of Clarity

    The Order of Clarity is a monastery that accepts those, which all the Illithids in the city have joined, who desire to pursue goodness through meditation and discipline, serving as keepers of the city’s culture and knowledge as well as its fierce psionic guardians.  

    Spirit Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary is a union of professionals who focus on healing minds. Initially established to help the Flumph population’s need to vent, this eventually included helping its residents and other Underdark races learn good nature.  

    The Nyx Covenant

    Operating in The Stacks is this coalition of Duergars, Derro, and Kobolds. They are responsible for handling the minutiae of producing food and other products that sustain the city. It also serves as a way to keep their rowdy members in check. They might not be evil but their habits ain’t going anywhere soon.  

    Notable Locations

    Castle Higanthe

    The name of the castle itself is a homograph in Undercommon, meaning that depending on the way you pronounce it it could mean two different things. Saying it as Hee-Gan-Thee means “Revenge”, while saying it as Hee-Gan-Theh means “a Giant’’. These meanings symbolizes Mag Aclaz’s revenge against its resident’s previous enslavers as well as the architecture of the fort’s construction being scaled as if it was made for giants.   Most of the city’s administrative offices and important residences are located inside the Castle’s walls by repurposing gargantuan spaces into multiple rooms.      

    The Izzip

    Not far from the castle is a tower called The Izzip that houses a magical machine of the same name that was built by the city’s ancestral founders to harness the psionic energies from the Astral Plane, making the city possibly the only settlement with permanent Flumph residents and gives the city its iconic ethereal blue glow.   The Izzip also acts as a telepathic communications tower especially for the Mindwitnesses and Flumphs who act as the city’s surveillance as well as scouts during wartime. The tower is also the Order of Clarity’s headquarters.  

    Escher District

    Escher (eh-sher) is where half of the city’s inhabitants live, with the majority being Drows, Deep Gnomes and Flumphs, while the other half live in The Stacks. Here, many artisans of their trade can be found as well as the city’s most prosperous areas.   With its structures taking a vertical approach to conserve space, stairs can be found almost everywhere and those unfamiliar with its paths can easily get lost. It is also built with the intention to confuse enemies if they enter the city with Mindwitnesses paired with one or two Flumphs being seen patrolling its labyrinthian paths.    

    The Stacks

    Built inside a ravine that drops into a river, The Stacks get its name from the chaotic structures on each side of the ravine being built on top of each other as well as the chimneys of factories that handle mass-produced goods in the city. Its inhabitants are mostly the Duergars and Kobolds, living alongside the Derro clan called The Brackle Clan, and Quaggoths freed by the city.   One notable structure in The Stacks is a cluster of poles that many of its residents use to go down to different lower levels quickly, colloquially known as “Da Stix”.  

    Other Locations of Interest

    Kah-Vuteh Woods

    Outside the City, there is a forest of bioluminescent giant mushrooms that spans for miles. Within its glow, many Flumphs disguise themselves as mushrooms, forming a relay of telepathic communication that acts as an early warning system as well as scouting for the City. But despite its welcoming appearance, it is no less dangerous than the entirety of the Underdark when predators typically hide atop its mushroom caps, ambushing any prey blinded by the glow of the fungal trees.   Note: Through a long treatment process, the giant mushrooms can be chopped and used as a substitute for lumber.    

    Lake Azufrei

    Northwards past the glow of the Kah-Vuteh Woods, there is a pale green acid lake nearly a mile in radius. In such a hostile environment, most creatures steer clear of its corrosive waters but Mag Aclaz occasionally send out expedition parties to harvest this acid. Aside from its use in metallurgy, most of its use is under wraps.   There are recent sightings of a young black dragon lurking its shores. This much is unconfirmed but explorers are cautioned otherwise in case of this rumor being true.    


    The High Seats

    Metis the Azul

    Metis is a 97 year-old Male Illithid Wizard (Order of Scribes) who represents the Order of Clarity. Starting as a patient of the Spirit Sanctuary, Metis became known for his benevolence, later joining the Order to temper his mind like the other Illithids in the City.   Despite not being the wisest, his intelligence earned him his place as The Order’s representative, fully trusting that he can make decisions on their behalf. As a person, Metis absolutely adores jokes no matter how bad they are, believing that jokes heals the mind when living in such a dreary world.  

    Oro the Kunig

    Oro Bradamantine is a 220 year-old Duergar Armorer Artificer who represents the Nyx Covenant. If one would describe Oro, it would be direct, obstinate, and loves partying. Oro is a crafter first and businessman second but he claims he was “smart” enough to create a “system” that deals with his paperwork.   Nevertheless, he’s one of Mag Aclaz’s greatest crafters, second only to Makia of Escher District in terms of quality. So much so that when Oro and Makia forges an item, it becomes a hot topic throughout Mag Aclaz, especially considering their rivalry.  

    Shyren the Lila

    Shyren Marnoch is a Dhampir Soulknife Rogue of unknown age who represents the Drow and Awakened Undead of Mag Aclaz. No one knows her exact origin except that she was originally a Drow and that the first generation of Drows in Mag Aclaz was saved by her, with people speculating that she is the last living founders of Mag Aclaz. Shyren neither confirms nor denies these statements.   As a person, Shyren is a stoic woman of very few words, so much so that people usually ask if she’s mute, and the only reason people know she has a soft heart is because she gives headpats to anyone she likes and she is hell-bent on giving them no matter their opinion, especially on Alys the Mavaya.    

    Frei the Luntian

    Frei Blacot Jaskit is a 137 year-old Deep Gnome Psi Fighter who represents the Deep Gnomes of Mag Aclaz. Coming from a long line of warriors, Frei acts as the head of Mag Aclaz’s militia and the most recent addition to the High Seats after her teacher and former Luntian recently died in battle.   Calm and confident, Frei never says no to duels and is happy to train others in the ways of combat. Unfortunately, she has an unhealthy fascination with explosions which doesn’t usually go well in missions requiring precision, even more so as her way to grieve. She also has a bottle cork collection from above the Underdark that she loves to show off when drinks are being talked about. She currently has 168 corks of varying types.  

    Alys the Mavaya

    Alys Bellsdottr is a 26 year-old Human Twilight Cleric who represents the Flumphs of Mag Aclaz. Despite her relatively young age, Alys grew up primarily with Flumphs, learning their wisdom and kindness, as well as their rapid emotional maturity stemming from their short lifespan. After Alys took the Mavaya seat, she was given the surname Bellsdottr as with all previous non-Flumph representatives.   As a person, she is sweet and caring with her only flaw being that she can’t lie nor sugarcoat, unintentionally insulting people at times with her straightforwardness.  

    Other NPCs

    Makia Belladonna

    A Drow Blacksmith known as the best smith in Mag Aclaz who utilizes telekinesis to compensate for her lack of strength as well as to work on processes that require very intricate handiwork which also makes her a really good jeweler.  


    A Mindwitness who is also a minor local celebrity because of its habit of spin-dancing everytime it hears music. The pair of Flumphs who follow it often needs to guide it away from areas of music whenever it's on patrol duty.  

    Jasee the Peddler

    Jasee is a white kobold who lurks the darker areas of Mag Aclaz selling “the good stuff”. In actuality, he doesn’t know that his wares are just spices from above ground and everyone acts “shady” to get along with him. It’s also partly because Jasee basically sells his goods directly to them rather than them looking for it. He is so successful at this that he has amassed a small fortune. The only mystery to everyone is where he gets his goods.  

    Illyra Darial Flitwick

    Owner of the Flitwick’s General Wares and Inn, Illyra is an old Deep Gnome woman that is both loved and feared by her customers. Loved because she treats everyone like her kid, feared because she is the daughter of one of Mag Aclaz’s founders and survived many battles herself. She has no comment on rumors about Shyren.  

    Veeto Gufada Brackle

    The current patriarch of the largest Derro clan in Mag Aclaz. Despite being accepted, the Derros in Mag Aclaz still retained their insanity, even more so in Veeto and those who follow him. Instead Veeto earned the Derro's place in the city by channeling their insanity in rewarding those who survive hunting deadly creatures and suicidal acts of going behind enemy settlements as saboteurs.  

    Special Encounters of Mag Aclaz


    Elarith the Unfinished

    CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
    CR 6: Drider Treasure Hoard Yes ...
    WANTED: Elarith   “Taking anyone into our protection and inside our walls also makes us responsible for whatever problems they bring along with them. For this one, one of the Drow we took in was marked for vengeance by a Drider due to stuff we’ll keep secret. But since it cannot get to them anymore, it has been targeting our friends in gathering parties and each time it is sending the same demand, the head of our citizen. Deal with it please?”
    - Alys Bellsdottr, The Mavaya High Seat
    • Complete an RP scenario (minimum of 10 lines) with you approaching and convincing Alys Bellsdottr to assign this task to you.
    • Expend 2 Lore Points to learn of its nature and tendency to escape.
    • Optionally, you can do an RP scenario (minimum of 5 lines) and expend a Contact with you finding or asking someone to block Elarith’s escape route.
    • Travel 30 Miles and for every 5 miles traveled, roll 1d00 with a 25% chance of having a random encounter and utilizing !table wilderness.
    • A Slow Medium Skill Challenge to try and track Elarith’s Lair down, 2 Failures gives Elarith a surprise round when you face her, No Failure gives you a surprise round.
    • Complete an RP scenario (minimum of 10 lines) with you returning to Alys who is joined by the Drider’s target which you must assure with a proof of slaying Elarith.
    Encounter Notes
    Additional Notes regarding the fight with Elarith.
    • Elarith has 182 HP total
    • Elarith will favor targeting Elves more than anyone else in a duo or group
    • Elarith’s Lair has no light source and is considered difficult terrain due to webs. Fire burns the entire lair, dealing 2d8 fire damage to all creatures every Initiative 20 (losing on ties) for 3 rounds.
    • When Elarith’s HP drops to 60 or lower, she will try to run out her lair and escape. If she does, you must do a successful Fast Medium Skill Challenge to chase her. Failing the challenge means failure in this quest and must be retaken.
    • Battlemap
        Map Command
    !i begin
    !i add 100 DM
    !i madd "Drider" -name "Elarith (Drider)" -hp 182"
    !i add 0 "Lair Action" -p 20
    !map -bg -options c40d -view a1:bb36 -t Elarith|ao13|large||$2u9v9~
      You start at E26.  
    • Coins: 90pp, 2,400gp, 8,000sp, 1,200cp
    • Gems: none.
    • Art Objects: Gem Encrusted Dagger with gold filigree, A Ceremonial dagger depicting Lolth, a Hairpin made of Onyx and Jade, A Small Painting depicting a wealthy drow family, A Single handmirror with religious poem scribed on the back (250 gp each)
    • Magic Items: Potion of Lightning Resistance, Potion of Animal Friendship
    • Extra Rewards: 1 Upper Class Contact (Alys Bellsdottr)

    Big Worm

    CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
    CR 7: Grick Alpha Treasure Hoard Yes N/A
    WANTED: Big Worm   “Help Jaseeeeeeeeeeeee! A Big Worm ate Jasee’s bag of dru- no- supplies! Jasee needs his supply bag or Jasee goes hungy this month! Jasee just needs the bag so you can take whatever is in the Big Worm’s tumtum!”
    - Jasee the Peddler
    • Complete an RP scenario (minimum of 5 lines) with you seeing Jasee running around asking for help before convincing him to trust you with his Bag of Holding.
    • Expend 2 Lore Points to learn of its nature and hunting habit
    • You can spend an optional Fast Hard Skill Challenge to research Big Worm’s hunting spot which removes the possibility of being surprised by it. Failure doesn’t result in an encounter but it means you could be surprised by it.
    • Travel 20 Miles within Kah-Vuteh Woods and for every 5 miles traveled, roll 1d00 with a 25% chance of an easy combat encounter.
    • A Slow Medium Skill Challenge to try and track Big Worm’s Lair down, 2 Failures gives Big Worm a surprise round when you face it, no Failure gives you a surprise round.
    • Complete an RP scenario (minimum of 5 lines) with you returning his bag and joining Jasee on his delivery of "goods" with a special attention to not revealing that what he's peddling is actually just normal spices instead of illegal substances that he thinks it is.
    Encounter Notes
    Big Worm has the following additional Encounter Notes:
    • Big Worm has 120 HP total
    • If Big Worm has a surprise round, it will try to grapple creatures before dragging them to a tunnel hole on its lair farthest to the rest of the group, if any, where the creatures it has grappled starts the round prone.
    • Big Worm’s lair has dim light and it has tunnel holes where it can enter and emerge from some other hole in the lair. It will utilize these when it uses the Tremor legendary action to avoid getting swarmed, avoid direct line of fire, or just keep the party apart.
    • Big Worm also has the following changes to its Multi-Attack:
    • - Multiattack. The Grick attacks by using its tail and by making two attacks with its tentacles, in addition if any of the tentacle attacks is successful it may choose to utilize a bonus action attack – beak on that target. It may choose to grapple with any tentacle once it has successfully hit the target.
    • Big Worm has the following Legendary Actions:
    • The Big Worm can take 2 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The Big Worm regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.
    • Tentacle. Big Worm makes a tentacle attack
    • Tremors (2 Actions). The Big Worm rampages and creates a minor earthquake. Big Worm moves up to its movement speed towards one of his lair before making all other creatures in the lair succeed a DC 15 Dexterity save or fall prone.
    • Battlemap
      Map Command
    !i begin
    !i add 100 DM
    !i madd "Grick Alpha" -name "Big Worm (Grick Alpha)"
    !map -bg -options c60d -view a1:ay25 -t Worm|ar11|large||$gf68e~
      You start on C5.  
    • Coins: pending Rolls
    • Gems: pending rolls
    • Art Objects: pending rolls
    • Magic Items: Pending Rolls
    • Extra Rewards: 1 Middle Class Contact (Jasee the Peddler) & 2 Lower Class Contacts (Jasee’s Customers)

    Deathmaw, Lord of Devourers

    CR/Monster Reward Type Soloable? Slayer(s) Date Slain
    CR 5: Kruthik Hive Lord Treasure Hoard Non- Soloable N/A
    WANTED: Deathmaw   “Hive Lord in the east… Hive’s yet to threaten the city... must be dealt with before it does…”
    - Shyren Marnoch, The Lila High Seat
    • Complete an RP scenario with you convincing Shyren to assign this task to you.
    • Party minimum of Four 9th Level Characters
    • Travel 20 Miles past Kah-Vuteh Woods (50 miles total) and for every 5 miles traveled, roll 1d00 with a 25% chance of having a random encounter and utilizing !table wilderness.
    • A Slow Medium Skill Challenge to try and find the Kruthiks’ Lair, 2 Failures adds an extra 3 Young Kruthik guarding Deathmaw, 1 Failure removes an Adult Kruthik guarding Deathmaw, no Failure removes an Adult Kruthik and 3 Young Kruthiks guarding Deathmaw
    Encounter Notes
    Deathmaw has the following additional Encounter Notes:
    • Unless one has a way to evade tremorsense as well as roll high enough Stealth, the Kruthiks cannot be surprised in their lair which is also without a light source.
    • Deathmaw is guarded by two Adult Kruthiks and six Young Kruthiks by default at all times.
    • All Young Kruthiks fight in melee, half of Adult Kruthiks fight in melee and half in range, Deathmaw himself uses hit-and-run tactics.
      Map Command
    !i begin
    !i add 100 DM
    !i madd "Kruthik Hive Lord" -name "Deathmaw (Kruthik Hive Lord)"
    !i madd "Young Kruthik" -n #
    !i madd "Adult Kruthik" -n #
    !map -bg -options c72d -view a1:ad30 -t Deathmaw|g7|large||$67jmg~
      You start on A44 or A45.  
    • Coins: pending Rolls
    • Gems: pending rolls
    • Art Objects: pending rolls
    • Magic Items: Pending Rolls
    • Extra Rewards: 1 Upper Class Contact (Shyren Marnoch)
    Discovered By
    Soma Yoshinaga
    Date Discovered

    Aclasian Solo Encounters: Within 30 miles

      CR 0: Giant Fire Beetle
    CR ⅛: Stirge
    CR ¼: Giant Centipede
    CR ½: Swarm of Insects
    CR 1: Giant Toad
    CR 2: Grick
    CR 3: Cave Fisher
    CR 4: Ettin
    CR 5: Umber Hulk

    Aclasian Solo Encounters: Beyond 30 miles

      CR 0: Cranium Rat
    CR ⅛: Young Kruthik
    CR ¼: Drow
    CR ½: Gray Ooze
    CR 1: Choker
    CR 2: Adult Kruthik
    CR 3: Hook Horror
    CR 4: Black Pudding
    CR 5: Drow Elite

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