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The Misericorde Order


The order is split into several chapters across countries and cities, each headed by a Mother or Father.   It is more common for chapters to be headed by a Mother as women were supposedly more nurturing and approachable.   Chapters consist of variable numbers of clergy, scholars, and general staff to keep things running.


The Misericordes value knowledge above all else, sacrificing family bonds and self identity in favor of the search.   Though they promise to help all in need, the Misericordes also stress the importance of knowing all that is possible when helping others.   It is because they believe helping without proper knowledge of the situation is as useless as not acting to save others in the first place.

Public Agenda

To conduct philanthropic projects in the name of bettering humanity as a whole.


Misericorde is an international syncretic religious group that has its roots in Europe's middle ages. It started as a group that helped others in need.   While it started out in Europe, it really took root in the Sinosphere due to its adaptability to other faiths. It even followed emigrants to the New World.   While there, they continued to minister to those in trouble, taking in street urchins and other unwanted people as members in order to give them a better chance at life.   Their reputation was such that the Misericordes were regarded as a neutral benign group, and they were content to be that way.   Despite the ban on splendoro, the Misericordes were not forced to immediately disband due to their strong international presence.  
It would've caused a global furor if one of the largest scholarly organizations in the world was forced to shut down, as we are not a splendoro organization. Nor does the West Sea Lord have authority to enforce such an order even if the whole country bans splendoro presence.
— Unknown Misericorde worker.
    A minority of splendoro who didn't want to go join the Underlanders ended up working for the Misericordes.

Know your past for a better future

Religious, Monastic Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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