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Aurwy Kescothkitaw (AR-vee kes-KOOTH-kih-TAHV)

When the Desert Lords of Marzeine pushed into Sunnyland-Aster and north Aposfabr, the people of the lower peninsula were restless. The towns of Nimonoy and Rechitaw bolstered their defenses and set out the few troops they had on constant watch. But the real line of defense was the northern wilderness with its uncountable bogs and Aurwy Kescothikitaw with her band of houndriders who tracked down and slaughtered the desert soldiers without mercy.

An Unlikely Soldier

Aurwy was born in Mimonoy to one of the town's richest families. Her upbringing was without strife and her penchant for reading made her one of the most well-educated young ladies in Aposfabr. At the age of 18, she turned down suitor after suitor to focus on her studies of war tactics and practice riding with her uncle.
  At 20, she joined the Filobr Riders and quickly rose through the ranks, achieving the rank of Gaurenoy only two years later. Respected by superiors for her skills but envied by her peers for her bookishness and talent, she made few friends but fell in love with the rank and file order of the Riders.

The War

As the lords rose to prominence in the deserts of the north, the Riders mobilized and set a permanent watch at the boundary of the bogs. In 1170, when war was inevitable, the Riders made preparations to fend off the invaders. But Aurwy was stubborn in her idea of guerilla tactics which clashed with the other more moderate leaders. When she was caught leading a covert operation into enemy lines, she was punished with imprisonment by her superiors. But her following was extremely loyal and she managed an escape with half of the entire retinue into the northern bogs.
  There she remained for two full years, living off the land when their stolen supplies dwindled. She fended off desert invaders and her own people alike, keeping a small retinue of trusted guerilla fighters close. The defective Riders were thought to have killed at least 400 people over those two years.

Capture and Death

In 1173, Aurwy was betrayed by one of her closest friends and led straight into the hands of the Mimonoy military. At the announcement of her arrest, she turned on them and slaughtered 13 riders before finally falling from her mount having received a fatal blow to the back.

A Woman of Many Faces

Since her birth, many knew Aurwy would achieve greatness in any field she tried. By 14, she had mastered archery, mathematics, calligraphy, and at least ten other professions whose mastery typically took years. But there was little beauty in her and her personality which left much to be desired. Even as Gaurenoy of the Filobr Riders she made little friends despite the fierce loyalty of those under her.   In her diaries which were retrieved after her death, she wrote of loneliness and an "impenetrable sadness" that haunted her from time to time. Perhaps, even in her most proud moments, she was never truly happy.

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