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Shining Hands of the Forest

The Shining Hands of the Forest - or simply the Shining Hands - are a unique band of bandits. Led by the powerful and dangerous Vitrio Graasp, the Shining Hands are the remenants of several smaller roving bands of highwaymen who have since been forcibly unified into a single organization. Empowered by newly unearthed knowledge of ectokinesis and a fanatical (if fearful) desire to serve their new overlord, these murderous vagabonds are a growing threat in the southeast of Generica.


Though theoretically an organized crime syndicate that just happens to be native to a certain locality, the Shining Hands under The Grasp of Death increasingly operate as though they are an expansionist, monarchist nation-state. Vitrio Graasp heads the organization as a bandit 'king,' seeking fealty from surrounding communities and any bands of highwaymen or mercenaries that the Shining Hands encounter in their travels. Whether these airs of royal legitimization are an intentional nation-building effort on the part of Graasp, or simply a strong delusion brought about by tapping into the forbidden deep lore of ectokinesis, remains to be seen.


The Shining Hands of the Forest have adopted a militaristic culture as a result of being inducted, whether voluntarily or through extortion, into a military-like command structure. Strong Hands bring wealth, captives, and - most importantly - prestige to the organization that would otherwise go amiss as part of a vagabond's lifestyle. The organization has a strong, but relatively flat hierarchy, with each band led by a commander who reports directly to Graasp and his inner circle. To the extent that there is civilian life within the Shining Hands' expanding sphere of influence, it takes the form of villagers and merchant caravans who pay respect, offer up tribute, and serve the whims of the bands local to their places of residency. Dissent is not tolerated under The Grasp of Death except insofar as it serves to better the methods of the Shining Hands or appease the fragile egos of the warrior caste.

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