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Ectokinesis is a primarily southeastern magical tradition that focusses on the conjuration, manipulation, and stabilization of ectoplasm, a highly morphic extradimensional substance related to the energies of the Fae Realms. Ectokinetic work is somewhat unique in that, unlike the energy- or creature-focussed traditions more common on the northwestern continents, it focusses more on the creation of ectoplasm constructs, including the creation of semi-permanent tools, weapons, and armor.


Ectokineticists must have a well-developed knowledge of the cosmic metastructure into which the Fae Realms and Generica are embedded to reach the formless 'reality-stuff' that is ectoplasm, but, while this knowledge would make them competent users of teleportation and restraining magics as well, they typically focus on conjuring and shaping techniques. Before ectoplasm can be manipulated to useful effect, it must first be conjured forth from the Fae Realm. Ectoplasm in its natural state is like an aetherial jelly: amorphous, volatile, and seeming desperate to return to whence it came. The ectokineticist generally uses special arcane techniques to then stabilize and shape this material, creating quasi-physical objects using their own talents as a sculptor, smith, or alchemist. These objects hold their shape for minutes or hours, depending on the talent of the ectokineticist. Stable-form of ectokinesis has the advantage of greater situational flexibility over traditional summoning, as the latter requires that an item be created beforehand for use later in the field, but conjured ectoplasmic items have the disadvantage that they will, inevitably, disintegrate after a fixed period of time.   One exception to this rule is when an ectokineticist is immediately threatned and wants to emulate the effects of an incendiary or corrosive blast, in which case the raw, unstabilized ectoplasm can be manipulated in this raw state. The raw ectoplasm can be forced to move and flow according to the ectokineticist's whims, but, without stabilization, shapes more complex than viscous globs or pseudopoda cannot generally be created. Vitrio Graasp is an up-and-coming practitioner of this more dangerous form of ectokinesis, though he has shown some affinity for stable-form constructions as well.


Ectokinesis as a school of magical practice is believed to predate even the earliest Lunar Glyph texts, the tradition having little to no antecedents among known Lunar magical tradition. A form of 'divine' ectokinesis may even be fundamental to the high-order structure of the cosmos relating to the flow towards entropy and the structure of force lines that bind reality together. Ectoplasm's relation to the Fae Realms, then, derives from the fact that the semi-fluid chaos of the Fae Realms is the natural state of reality when order is not imposed upon it by the exertion and conversion of energy. The primal nature of ectokinesis both its greatest asset and greatest detriment, as, though it is easy to learn, history has shown that it is exceedingly time-intensive to master versus the more structured study of magic through Lunar techniques and, later, applied arcane sciences.

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