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Ectokineticists have long suspected that the material world was forged at some misty, remote corner of the past from the primordial ectoplasm that suffuses the space between the cosmos. Indeed, tapping into the currents of ectoplasm that still lie or surge between the material worlds is how they accomplish great feats of arcane power in the world to this very day. In some places, however, the gods left remnants of this ectoplasm behind in the process of forging the material world, and these ancient deposits eventually precipitated on their own into the rare crystalline structures known as ectoliths.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Ectoliths respond to the will of any living, thinking creature that comes in contact with them; indeed, it is speculated that the susceptibility of ectoplasm in all its form to living will is how it was able to be sculpted by the gods into Generica as it is known today. With the proper exertion of will, the crystals flow like liquid and merge temporarily with the flesh of a creature touching it, granting a temporary boon to the creature in the form of more uses of their magical abilities, a temporary boost to existing magical abilities, or the ability to use a magical ability without training where it otherwise would require training. This benefit lasts only a matter of seconds, but is of such tremendous utility that ectoliths are often hoarded by mages, tyrants, and others of significant arcane ambitions.

Item type
Consumable, Magical
It is not currently known how one might intentionally create ectoliths. All known specimens of ectolith are recovered through spelunking, whether in the course of mining for other materials or simply in the course of exploring existing cavern systems. Thus, ectoliths are currently considered finite in nature. Furthermore, as ectoliths can be used to empower certain forms of magic - or even grant the uninitiated a temporary taste of arcane power - they are considered expendable resources. Therefore, ectoliths are somewhat rare to find and, even when they are found, are seldom just kept out on display.

Raw materials & Components
Ectoliths are terminated monoclinic crystals that tend to be found in clusters alongside quartz deposits. They are a pale green in color and are most often hazy or translucent rather than transparent, giving some samples a passing resemblance to unpolished jade. Ectoliths are phosphorescent, but only demonstrate this quality in the presence of a magical field typical of the sort generated by living beings with magical abilities or potential. This last quality makes surviving ectolith specimens useful as a sort of 'magic detector.'

Ectoliths cannot be purchased. An ectolith constituting one use as a consumable weighs 1lb. Consuming an ectolith held in one hand as part of another action grants one of the benefits listed below for the duration of the action:  
  • Allow an Arcana skill to be used as if the consumer has at least one rank in said skill.
  • Increase an Arcana-based roll by +2. This benefit stacks with those provided by other equipment.
  • Allow the use of a single Arcana synergy, even if the consumer has none available from a lack of ranks or if all existing synergies have been expended.

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