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Tox Rat

The Tox Rat is a hairless breed of rat with an immense tollerance for toxins that grows up to a meter in length and weighs as much as five kilograms. Tox Rats are notorious for being carriers of all kinds of nasty diseases and is seen by many to be the 22nd century nightmare reeincarnation of the medival plauge rat.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Large ammounts of Tox Rats are easily found in and around the BAD-SECs of urban areas arround the world. Tox Rats are able to thrive in highly irradiated areas and the sites of serious chemical accidents or just generaly polluted far beyond human habitabilty.
  The Tox Rat is considered a pest. Living in an area with a presence of Tox Rats is uncomfortable, disgusting and infuriating - they smell so bad that there have been successful R&D's on making into a riot control agent. They have a near miraculous ability to make massiv messes while they make thier rounds scavanging at night. On top of that, Tox Rats will mark thier territory with urine and excrement.
  There have been many attempts at exterminating the Tox Rat, but all attempts have been unsuccessful due to near immunity to toxins and prolific breeding rate.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Tox Rats are omnivore scavengers that will chew on just about everything and anything including highly toxic materials and things usually considered inedible. They are able to feed on rotten and rancid garbage, long dead carcasses and all kinds of toxic industrial waste. Tox Rats will also feed on waste plastic such as wrappers and disposed packaging and sometimes are found nibbling on the concrete and rebar of the ruins they live in.   Similiarly Tox Rats are nearly indiscrimminate in thier choice of drink and have been observed drinking anything from polluted water streams, to acid rain puddles and even chemical spills.
Average Weight
~ 4 Kg; Up to 5 Kg
Average Length
~ 80 cm; Up to 1m

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