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The Chromat Arcanists

We kill them on sight... it's what we do and it is right.
  • A Woven Providence Assassin is questioned on why they hunt the Chromat Arcanists.
The Chromat Arcanist's are an occult group in Vallea that reside in the Caer Dathyl ruins on the lower levels, they specifically stay in the 'city' of Caer Dathyl and chase the forbidden knowledge that lies in the endless space, as well as building apprenticeships and pacts with the Undead creatures and abberrant monsters within.    The most striking and disarming thing about Chromat Arcanist's is their uniform which tends to be a rainbow slew of colours and looks along with their bright mardi gras/carnival style makeup. They burn and glare with colour and light despite their often deeply dark intentions.   For an Arcane Chromat use colour in their magic, if they see colour and can draw it out then they are potent spellcasters and so they garb themselves in colours. This is often the reason many Chromat's carry lanterns or daylight spells with them. Shade of grey darkvision has proved to rob them of almost all their magical prowess in a fight.   An arcane chromat joins the group either in the hope of secretly learning magic in Vallea where wizards are illegal or they hope to find the secrets within Caer Dathyl. Sadly, many chromat's minds cannot handle the ancient and broken knowledge of the land and so they are driven mad by the knowledge and become jaded and half broken cultist spellcasters. However, those that can handle the mental strain of the forbidden knowledge become 'True Arcanists' and can be a terrifyingly powerful force on a battlefield.    A victim of an arcane chromat can be clearly identified as they are left in a black, white and grey state during death... as though all the colour has been drained from them.   NOTE: THIS FACTIONS ABILITIES ARE BASED AROUND THE ARCANE CHROMAT SUBCLASS!!


The organisation is tethered together by a greed for power, an ever pervasive madness and the ever present undying masters of Caer Dathyl whom hold full dominion over the space at all times, for all time.

We take, it is ours

Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
The Chromat's

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