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Odes is a huge continent which exists slightly north of the equator in the campaign world. It has a range of terrain, from mountains to deserts and presents a range of areas for characters to explore. The main coastal town, where the campaign starts and where the majority of training and living happens, is
The river Midson flows from a lake to the north of Lindowe. The source of the river is close to Ubbin Falls. As the river flows to Lindowe it is bordered to the east by a dense forest and to the west by open plain lands which are farmed by the locals. One solitary bridge crosses the Midson, called the Lonesome Bridge.
Travelling northeast from Lindowe brings the travel to a swamp on the border of which is Lord Dresden's estate.
To the south-west, the road leads along open plains with a forest to the north which shields the base of the mountains. It is rumoured that within those very mountains is the ancient and forgotten Library of the Mystics.
The rest of the land is, as of yet, unexplored. What secrets and treasure lie beyond will definitely be the focus on subject adventures and campaigns.

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History of the Mystics
Organization | Feb 22, 2023





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