Build around the temple Apollo had set to himself at the foot of Mount Parnassuss, Delphi is a city completely dedicated to Sun God. Even The Pythia gets her gift from mighty Apollo. Delphi is considered the centre of the world, as marked by the stone "The Omphalos (Naval)", who was thrown there by Zeus himself. It was the stone his mother Rhea had wrapped in cloth and fed to his father in his stead.
Delphi itself is situated in the region of Phokis and under the rule of the high priest of Apollo. It has not yet been long since Delphi has been brought under the rule of the Greeks. During the Sacred War Athenes managed to drive away the Phokians.


The town is motly human, though other species are often seen there on their way to the temple. Delphi itself is quite a rich city, due to it´s constant flow of pilgrims and visitors. In the rest of the polis aoround the city there is an even distrubution of land between average farmers who will sell their produce at the market and aristocratic families that only come to the city for major events and to send their children to school with either philosophers or priests.


The polis of Delphi is under the rule of the Cult of Apollo and reigned by the high priest, though he has a council of philosophers.


Delphi is surrounded by walls, but Delphi is not a city made for war, but a sanctuary.

Industry & Trade

The biggest point of profit are the pilgrims to the temple of Apollo. The other one are the panhellenic games that draw a big crowd to the city in the tird year of an Olympiad. Otherwise Delphi depends on the rest of the Polis Phokis .


The city of Delphi is build around The Omphalos and the temple of Apollo. THe sanctuary was surrounded by walls


  • smith
  • daily fresh market
  • herbalist
  • small library
  • guest houses
  • tavern


It was originally inhabited by non-Greeks but around 250 years agao, the Phocians conquered the area and took control of the shrine. This site is very important, not only for its religious and cultural prestige, but also because of its vast wealth. The treasury of Delphi was overflowing with gold and silver, donated by pious pilgrims.   Delphi was reclaimed by the Athenians during the First Sacred War in the year 1460 AO . They established the Amphictyonic League, a political alliance designed to protect Delphi, but it later came under the control of some Athenian exiles. During the Second Sacred War two years ago during the beginnings of the current war, the Phocians were able to regain control of Delphi.


The most tourism is drawn to Delphi either for a visit to The Pythia or to the Panhellenic Games.


Delphi lies at the foot of Mount Parnassuss and close to the Gulf of Corinth.
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200 AO
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