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Divine Symbols & Sigils

White eyes are a sign of Ionzso, often being painted on the sides of Thespian wagons or occasionally placed on the edges of their hats.  Additionally, a fish skeleton and a stick crossed together represents Ionzsa's gift of food and transport to the Thespians in the early days of the world.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ionzso is said to have been born when the world was made, which the Thespians hold to be several centuries before the events of the Precentury documented in Mythian history.  Rising from the seas, they were the first to explore the oceans of Mythia and crossed from one side of the world to the other.  Then tired, Ionzsa stooped and rested, and their sweat coalesced in the ocean as the first people, the Thespians.  Ionzsa made them a raft out of sticks and vines they took from nearby islands, and the new people began to explore their surroundings.  Ionzsa showed them the fish in the see, and showed them when to run and when to hold their ground when faced with the beasts of the deep.  The people learned their environment and began to sing and dance in praise of their benevolent creator Ionzso.   As time went on, Ionzso became restless and started to move further and further away on their expeditions to explore the vastness of the world in every detail, from the smallest blade of grass to the largest whale.  They went further and further until one day, they did not come back at all.   The Thespians were at first confused, but as time went on they embraced their creator's decision.  Every so often a child would be born with white eyes, from which they saw that Ionzsa was still looking over them and making sure that they remained.  They set off on their rafts and began their lives at sea.
Divine Classification
White, with no pupil
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black, verging on a greenish blue hue

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