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In the land of Mythia, the power of stories is greater than on any other plane. By constructing and telling them, Proseweavers and Poets can cause events from the drop of a single flower to the erasure of a continent. Works of literary genius are written to achieve a purpose other than to entertain, and are studied by fellow writers to help them understand and improve the craft of spellwriting. Bedtime stories and folk tales are crafted with care, after too many spells were mistakenly released through them, creating rifts in the fabric of Mythia and the beings that plague the wilds and some settlements today. Every village has its amateur writers, and the problems and benefits that come with that. Even the lowliest peasant could rise to glory should they prove worthy of the praise of the literary world.   The classic texts of Mythia comprise a wide range of topics, from love to history to philosophy. Their effects are disconnected from the stories themselves as often as not, notable examples including Skadari's O Stizarndo, an epic poem about the trials that Skadari faces in order to win his lover's hand in marriage which caused the fields of his home country to be prosperous for several centuries, and Thiena's Once Again Unto the Caverns, a tale of the brave adventurers of the famed mining clan Clamavius which caused the graves of those accounted to be transformed into pure marble and gold.   Great libraries stand in many places, and every person has at least some degree of literacy.  However, factual texts are still out of reach of many, and technological innovations are slow due to the focus on creative efforts and pursuits.