Thomas Fletcher


Thomas Fletcher is the detective in rags, a true man of the people, or at least the poor. He may seem like a grizzly bear who shouldn't be provoked, but he is a man of his word and genuinely wants to help the world. If no one else is gonna do the dirty work, then it's up to Thomas to handle such a mantle. There is no offer that he can't refuse to lend a hand.  


Sympathetic towards those who are in troubled situations, Laid back  


Thomas is one with the streets, he didn't live in a house or anything as a child. All he knew were trash bags, rats and the occasional beggar. It was only with the kindness of a stranger named Thea Hestus that he was able to live another day. Working under her as a street informant turned detective, he has a average amount of income, enough to get by. Thomas is an orphan who lost his family due to a severe illness in which he was the only survivor. He can only rely on Thea and other street informants who he worked with in the past.  


Thomas is under the Private Detective archetype, in which he goes around the neighborhood to help those he sees in need. If a crime ever arises, Thomas will be there in a hitch to solve the case to protect the people. It's thanks to people like Thea Hestus that he's able to be a detective, as she should him kindness that others wouldn't. In exchange he helps her with cases whenever she is preoccupied. If it means that Thomas can help those who much like him felt like they had nothing in the world, then he will gladly be a friendly neighborhood detective.  


Thomas does not follow any religion as he believes that they were no help to him when he would've needed them most. However, he thinks that if it helps others then it is something necessary for the livelihood of people. He does, however, believe in spirituality and the occult. During his time as a detective, he has encountered strange events, in which he himself cannot explain. He needs more information in order to confirm his suspicions, and see for himself the truth of the world.  


  • Beneficence - To protect the helpless, heal the sick, feed the hungry, etc.: Growing up under really poor conditions, he understands the struggles of surviving in the current times. Now that he can make a difference, he is doing his best to help others on the streets or in need. Whether that be giving some food or solving crimes, there's always someone who needs help.
  • Order - To arrange, organize, and reduce chaos: With those who were in the same poor conditions as him in the past, Thomas wonders why the government hasn't done anything to alleviate such problems. Many are left to starve or fend for themselves, so if no one is willing to help then it's up to people like him to help them out. If it comes to exposing the problems of society, then he's more than happy to fix the inner workings of it.


  • Accomplishment most proud of: Thomas is most proud of saving a child's parents from poison that could've been fatal if not treated. He saw a lot of himself in the kid, so he has a strong attachment to help her.
  • Most ashamed about: Thomas is most ashamed of not being able to tell his family how much he cared for them before they died. He was angry at them for leaving him behind, but at the same time he can't fault them for something they couldn't control. He only wishes he could have let them know he's fine.
  • Fears more than anything: Thomas fears water as he can't swim and almost drowned before Thea found him in the river. Whenever he is near bodies of water now, he has a sick feeling in his stomach and is reminded of his near death experience. Other past traumas can't compare to the experience.
  • Secrets kept: Thomas may act on edge and grumpy at times, but deep down he's very kind and loves being around people. However, it's this love that resulted in one of his failures as a detective in a case where several people died because he couldn't act fast enough. With the weight of a few lives on his shoulder, he vows to never make the same mistake.
  • Last time they wept: The last time Thomas wept was from watching the night sky, as it's the one thing in life that anyone can enjoy and appreciate. Nothing can take away such a beauty, Thomas thinks to himself. Unlike the vast horrors of the world, it's the one thing that never changes.


  • Friends: Thomas doesn't have that many friends, but many homeless children and orphans see him as a friend of theirs. They tend to say that despite how he looks on the outside, on the inside he cares for others and is open for talks and such. Although he may smell of tobacco sometimes, so that is something to consider.
  • Romance: Currently Thomas is not in a relationship, but in the past he has had a few flings here and there. His line of work tends to scare many, but if they can get past his looks and smell, they begin to see how much of a gentle person he can be.
  • Role Model: As mentioned before, he looks up to Thea Hestus as he sees her as the ideal person, aka someone that gives back for others and helps anyone in need. Her philosophy changed him, and he wants to do the same for others.


Thomas' memento is an unsigned will, which is from Thea herself. The will is something between the two of them, in the event that she can no longer perform her duties. She wants to pass down the mantle to Thomas, and it's reminder for Thomas that the world can be cruel and you can never know what lies in the next corner down the street.  


Thomas relies on his lucky coin of Verity, which he uses in emergency cases to make decisions that require him to think of logic first and emotions second. The coin shows the Goddess Verity, with a scale and sword in her hands, and a motto saying "Truth and Justice". The coin came from his first ever case as a detective, and allows him to make the hard decisions that none could make.  


Thomas has lockpicks, in which he made himself using scraps from past cases, and a revolver in which he uses to defend himself if necessary. A fellow gunsmith gave him the gun after he helped him on a particular case, as reminder of the many dangers he may encounter. He also sports some binoculars that he bought himself, which were one of the few things he ever got after being able to support himself. It is a token of his he will always remember.


Thomas Fletcher


Towards Merdu Vaesen


Merdu Vaesen


Towards Thomas Fletcher



As someone who was almost born from the poor livelihood, Thomas understands the struggles it can bring. Thomas thought it as fair that he should make himself an acquaintance of Merdu, Their professions combined could lead to amazing things in the crime solving community, so Thomas sees it as a great opportunity.

Thomas Fletcher

Good friend

Towards Herman Ilermet


Herman Ilermet

Good friend

Towards Thomas Fletcher



Thomas saw how kind Herman was upon meeting him, and knew they would be good friends. They both have a desire to change the world for the better, rather than destroying or harming it. Plus Thomas enjoys hearing Herman's stories as well as entertaining the kids with his own.

Thomas Fletcher


Towards Reverend Morris Behart


Reverend Morris Behart


Towards Thomas Fletcher



Morris' philosophies and overall personality do not bode well for Thomas, as it goes against what he sees about people. As someone who isn't really religious but is open to people believing their own cause, it angers him seeing this man being so secluded about Christianity. He thinks the man to be irrational, and wonders what makes him tick so easily.


Physique: 4
Precision: 5
Logic: 3
Empathy: 2


Agility (+ PHY): 2 + 4
Close combat (+ PHY): 1 + 4
Force (+ PHY): 0 + 4
Medicine (+ PRE): 2 + 5
Ranged combat (+ PRE): 1 + 5
Stealth (+ PRE): 1 + 5
Investigation (+ LOG): 2 + 3
Learning (+ LOG): 1 + 3
Vigilance (+ LOG): 1 + 3
Inspiration (+ EMP): 0 + 2
Manipulation (+ EMP): 1 + 3
Observation (+ EMP): 0 + 3


Eagle Eye



Resources: Middle-class
Memento: An Unsigned Will
Advantage: My lucky coin of Verity will guide me to the right path


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