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YASMIN: What about where you're from? PALTRAKI: Stebble. YASMIN: Stebble? PALTRAKI: What about you? YASMIN: Earth. PALTRAKI: What kind of a word is that? YASMIN: It's better than Stebble, mate. Do you have a home there? PALTRAKI: Beautiful home. Some land, and animals.
— The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

Natural Resources

Stebble is widely known as one of the breadbaskets of the empire. Its perfect positioning relative to its star has allowed an unusually vast spread of arable land, and agriculture is the center of almost all Stebblian cultures. Most of its exports are food crops such as grains, fruits, and vegetables, as well as all manner of livestock from across the globe. Many regions have a signature combination of all of these for which it is known, although it is much less common to eat specific regional dishes (alone or in combination) off of Stebble proper.   In recent years, Stebblian produce has been used to supplement the rations of soldiers on both sides of the various internal conflicts throughout The Nine Systems. Ta'zhen is notable among Stenza circles for her use of Stebblian wheat to produce bread, although this is at the suggestion of her doctor after going too long without fiber.
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