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Oil is a substance formed when decayed organic matter, typically vegetation, is subjected to intense heat and pressure after being buried under sedimentary rock. On Mudewei, it is thought to be extremely common, even abundant. However, when a sample of it was extracted during a geological survey and subjected to a series of tests to determine its properties, it was found to be chemically inert, even resisting catching fire. Molecular analysis of the substance revealed it to be remarkably similar to the blubber which is a staple of the Stenza diet; however, when one of the scientists attempted to consume a small amount, she required immediate hospitalization for chemical burns to most of her mouth, including the loss of almost all of her teeth, her tongue, her sense of smell, and half of her nose. A small amount of oil mixed with a sample of Stenza saliva produced an acid which destroyed the sample dish and a sizable portion of the workbench.   The sample has since been disposed of, and all thought of examining the substance abandoned entirely. All important information had already been gathered.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Mudeweian oil is extremely inert, to the point of resisting the flame test. However, when introduced to the lipase enzymes found in Stenza saliva, the enzymes bind to the hydrocarbons, which are similar in structure to those found in the blubber of certain large prey animals, and initiate the process of breaking them down. This swiftly results in a weapons-grade acid.

Geology & Geography

Oil can be found in vast deposits under the Mudeweian surface, including under the ocean floor. However, extracting it would require vast destruction of the surrounding environment, and putting aside the religious concerns, long-standing alliance with the Sandibari, and presence of a material better suited to Stenza needs, oil's inert-to-downright caustic properties indicate an unfavorable effort-to-reward ratio.

History & Usage


Oil was first discovered when the Stenza were conducting a geological survey with the permission of a local Sandibari swarm, and a sample was collected for testing.
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