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Humans, and by extension Earth, were discovered by the Stenza c. 1668 local time (correlating to Stenza year 2149). Stenza researchers encountered a people who claimed to possess direct revelation from their deity--a feat no Stenza had ever, or would ever, equal.   Three years later, shortly after the completion of the first survey of the planet, the first human was chosen as a target for the Leadership Challenge.

Civilization and Culture


Humans specifically relate to Stenza as targets, and are otherwise considered of little notice. Reasons or justifications for hunting humans as trophies have varied across the years. Initially it was likely a fear response or an assessment of humans as worthy prey if they had the ability to accurately record the words of their god (a feat of which Stenza are incapable despite their mental abilities). Once the Earth's environment was better understood, there came a general belief that humans were hearty beasts indeed for all the conditions they could endure and survive under. Over time the reasoning shifted to "just because" or "it's how we've always done things". More recently this has morphed into "because humans deserve it"/"because we're better than them", regardless of the accuracy of that statement.   During the course of this process, only two humans have escaped capture on the first run. The first is Ta'zhen, who won the respect of the Stenza hunting her by fighting back, and the situation developed until she had to be taken in under the auspices of the Clan of the Lost. The second is Karl Wright, who escaped due to the intervention of the Doctor in T'zim-Sha's hunt, where it was revealed he had packed unauthorized equipment to help him out. Following T'zim-Sha's trial on this matter, he and Ta'zhen aided and abetted the release of the other human hostages.

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