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"úlêúlê" is both a word representing the indescribable qualities of the void of space, and the name for the entity which represents those qualities. Úlêúlê is not technically a god, and is not necessarily a powerful spirit of another type, such as Jeshra. Instead, it is other than, an entity so alien as to be unreachable by even the most skilled Religious Expert. The void of space as an entity occupies a curious foothold in Stenza customs pertaining to travel, in much the same way that the Ice Flats holds a central role in culture as it relates to the survival of the species.   Úlêúlê features prominently in ship culture as a slightly terrifying entity and the great equalizer between all life forms. Unlike other entities, it cannot be pacified, and offerings cannot be made to it. Instead, ship crews exist within uneasy cohabitation with and among Úlêúlê.   It is widely believed that Úlêúlê is the generative force behind the expansion of the universe.

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7 Oct, 2020 23:26

Really interesting concept. It's slightly terrifying that offerings can't be made to it as it just doesn't seem to care.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
8 Oct, 2020 20:00

Some people think that if God really existed as described, He would operate like this.