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Mriyar is a high fantasy world, inspired by classic dnd lore and Slavic pagan mythology.
A huge part of the Mriyar's cosmology, cultures, traditions and monsters are based on Slavic believes and legends, however scarce they might be, with some additional artistic liberties. Some additional aspects were taken from other cultures and mythologies, though in smaller amount.
As of right now, the project is still in development and most likely will drastically change in many aspects, but the core of it will remain.
After this Wiki will reach a satisfying look and amount of information, all the maps, characteristics and world info will be posted in free access, to use for personal homebrews, ttrpg streams or as a base for different projects.
Important note - this is not in any way official dnd content! If you see any mistakes in the texts, or page errors, or etc. please contact me Here

Cover artwork made by Felixora, link to artwork.
All page covers, icons, page banners, maps and any type of artwork was made by Felixora