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Artificer of Dust and Deed

The Artificer of Dust and Deed reports to the king of Barclont. They are given office over all experimentation over the dust and record any deeds relating to the dust. The Artificer holds their own political office and are given an official rank within the Order of Concordance. There are many laboratories that they oversea and as such they need to be in many places at once. That is why the Artificer is given special permission to divide their soul using a phylactery, giving them the ability to be in several places in Barclont at once.



The Artificer of Dust and Deeds is appointed by the king and as such their qualifications for the position go uncontested.

Career Progression

There isn't really any progression to be had from this position, although a person may be removed from office if they haven't been performing the duties of Artificer in the correct fashion.

Payment & Reimbursement

The king pays a yearly stipend to the holder of the position.

Other Benefits

Along with their position of power comes a modicum of renown. Many seek out the Artificer for advice on the nature of magic dust.



The Artificer of Dust and Deed records all dealings with spell dust and is also in charge of running royally sanctioned experiments.


The Artificer of Dust and Deed has been in Barclont for as long as the Order of Concordance. The original Artificer was a member of the Barclont Council. The position is as old as the town and twice as storied as the individual tied to the position is usually found in the middle of some crisis or historical event or another.
Alternative Names
The "Arty" of D&D.
It's in high demand. So much that the Artificer splits their soul into parts to accomplish all of their daily tasks.
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