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The Sweepers

The Sweepers have been a part of Barclont since the time of the town's founding. They are important for many reasons. They are responsible for clearing the dust away from the city. They are also responsible for disposal of that dust outside of the city. They have several facilities throughout the city of Barclont. Without these facilities the arcane winds that Barclont suffers through each day would become too violent and likely tear the city asunder. The Sweepers perform an essential duty then for the town and manage to keep everything clean and orderly, or at least as clean and orderly as can be managed in a city full of magic users.    The Sweepers were established in part by the Barclont Council, and in part by the citizenry. The citizens that could not perform magic needed some way of remaining relevant in society and so they naturally turned to the one by-product of magic that seemed wasteful, the arcane dust.    The sweeping of this dust is managed daily and as was stated before, it's completely necessary to the form and function of the entire town. Special arcane vacuums have been developed for the task, built by the artificer's guild. These vacuums pull the dust into large ventilation shafts that course their way throughout the city of Barclont. The air duct system then is where a majority of the sweepers have their lodging. They are meant to manage the magical mishaps that take place in these systems too, meaning that sweepers also must learn how to combat aberrations and the like inside of these vents underground. Most sweepers have relatively little magical knowledge, though a few of them are trained in the arcane arts out of necessity. The wards that protect the city above the vents do not extend underground and so Barclont can be a rather dangerous place to be a sweeper.
Forced Labour


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