The door opened and Nathaniel looked up to see Lothar had returned from his night out. He closed the door and leaned against it, his clothes neat. Nothing out of place. Nothing to indicate he'd been out hunting, feeding on anyone else. The intensity of his attention weighed on Nathaniel alone.   It was difficult for the Angel to remain stretched out on his bed like it didn't affect him. That he didn't want the vampire as much as the vampire wanted him. Drawn to one another through whatever connection had pulled Lothar to him to begin with.   "Done already?" It was a petty, stupid question that Nathaniel hated as soon as it left his mouth. The entire idea that Lothar would stalk the city streets to put his mouth on anyone else was…   Like he could read Nathaniel's thoughts, Lothar pushed away from the door and shrugged out of his suit jacket. "Still hungry, Angel." His tone was low and gruff. The rugged sort that meant he was combating the darker part of him that crawled out when he really was on the edge. The monster wrapped in so much expensive linen. Lothar's golden eyes seemed bright in the dim light of the bedroom. Flashing with sharp intent while he looked over the underdressed Angel. There was hunger there. The predatory want so common in the eyes of Nathaniel's monsters that bordered on 'too much'.   "Didn't get enough in the city?" Still petty, still hurt. Even as he shifted to kneel on the bed. It put him almost eye level with Lothar. The vampire was still bigger than he was. Taller, broader. No matter how much it had hurt Nathaniel to have his vampire leave, he couldn't help the excitement as Lothar's golden gaze slid down the front of him.   "Just went for a walk, Angel. Haven't fed."   Nathaniel wanted to believe that. The shirt Lothar wore was the same he'd left with. The stark white with subtle gray stitching to match the gray jacket. The vampire was a… messy eater. He'd have changed. He wouldn't have returned with his suit jacket. The Angel's pulse jumped as one of Lothar's hands lightly cupped the side of his neck. "Angel…" It was a rumble. A vibration in the air as Lothar's deep voice pulled at things in Nathaniel's body. Playing him like a puppet master.   In response, Nathaniel leaned into the touch. Effectively exposing his pale neck to the hungry vampire. There was a moment, a pause, before Lothar struck. His grip shifted to the back of Nathaniel's neck and up into his hair, adjusting the angle and tilt of his head just as his fangs sunk into the soft skin of Nathaniel's neck.   It hurt. Burned. Having the life drawn out of him wasn't pleasant at first. Nathaniel grabbed ahold of Lothar as he was held closer. Then Lothar's mouth was over his, devouring him in a hot and wild kiss of teeth and fangs, blood and heat. He swallowed Nathaniel's whimper as the Angel clung to him.   Lothar released him rather abruptly and pushed Nathaniel back on the bed. It required little effort to tip the Angel back, his legs weakened from the devouring kiss. Before Nathaniel could ask, the question in his throat, Lothar started unbuttoning his dress shirt even as he climbed on after. Chasing Nathaniel as the angel scooted farther up until Lothar grabbed an ankle and pulled him closer. "You'll be my dinner and desert, Angel," he purred, guiding Nathaniel's legs around him.


One of the few Angels in the world - attended by 4 monsters and the focus of one of the stories.    


Something akin to a vampire. Feeds off of others and, eventually, Nathaniel.


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