Entertainment District

The Entertainment District is less a "district" in the very specific terminology of zoning used by cities on the Sword Coast than a more informal way of describing the aggregation of a number of taverns and pubs in the south-central area of Mythrite. Merchants and Guild services didn't appreciate their property being located so near drunkards spilling out onto the town in the latest hours of the night.   As with many areas in the town, the southern portions of the entertainment appeal to the baser pleasures including brothels, fighting rings, and gambling dens with very little presence of the Town Guard. The northern, and particularly the northeastern, portion of the area however offers a row of quite refined dining establishments and theaters catering to the upper-classes, which is patrolled heavily by the town guard after nightfall. The rest of the area is a mix of places, including wide-open spaces for public shows of puppetry and illusion.   The most notable feature of the entertainment area however is the ancient recessed amphitheater at its center. It has only been used once in the very early days of Mythrite when the population numbered in low hundreds. A bard gave an impassioned performance that quickly passed into legend, as the acoustics of the ancient amphitheater seemed to make the heavens open in song. As such, the townsfolk agreed that the stage should only be used for special occasions, a rule that has been respected ever since.

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