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1. Portrait
I've looked in the mirror and seen nothing
I've taken my portrait and drawn nothing
Is my it my face or is it my soul
Both seem empty to me

Maybe it is this mask I wear
To cover up what hides behind
For the ones that see behind it
long will stay in my mind

But who knows
They never remember me
For my face
is the last they see
  2. vanish I see faces. Black as ink, flowing like water. They vanish. They look at me. They look at me. They talk to me. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. They compel me. They tell me. They command me. When I listen, they vanish. When they vanish I rest. When they come back, I hunt. This is the cycle. This is the trine. This is the turning of my life. Kill, rest, kill, rest. The masks help. They hide the faces. But I still hear them. And when I hear them. I need a new hunt. Some do it for him, some for the money, I do it for the faces. For when they vanish, I can finally rest.   3. Abandoned I see a cart, abandoned on the side of the road. Horse with a broken leg, laying in front. He gave up fighting and is now just waiting to die, a thick cloud coming out of his nose. I see a little girl, abandoned, looking at her parents laying face down in the snow. A pool of blood forming around them and two white fletched arrows sticking through their backs. There is a mask lying on the ground. Abandoned.   5. Misfortune Have you had the misfortune of meeting the twilight mother? She has met you. She knows you. She knows who you are, what you do, where you live, where you go. She knows your cat, your son, your greatest triumph and biggest defeat. Sometimes she finds you in your sleep, sometimes she finds your mirror. But she will find you. And when she does, you better be prepared.   8. Howl She heard the howl. It was like the howl of a wolf, but it wasn't a wolf. It was higher. And short. And it had a screech to it. She looked around her. It was a dark night. She could barely see the silhouettes of the trees around her. There she heard it again. It was close, so close. She backed up against a tree, pulling out her hunting knife. Sweat on her forehead. A hot breath touched her ear. Behind her!   9. Mirror There is a mirror in the keep of ostaras. This mirror has been there for ages. It has seen the rise and fall of kings and queens. It has seen the coming and going of malen. It has seen the stabbing of lords, the kissing of lovers, the fighting of brothers and the falling of snow. So many have died here, loved here, joyed here. It knows now, it knows. It has seen, and it knows.   10. Broken I have been broken since forever. Since that day so long ago. I never knew what it is to love. I never knew how they sang your name, as their last breath exits their lips. I never knew how much caring was in that embrace, that grasp, that clawing at your arms, as the life flows out of their bodies, you knife firmly in between their ribs. I always said it was dangerous, love. But I never knew how true it was.   11. Escape They cannot escape him. They run and run, hide and hide, but they can never escape. They hide in the cities, the woods, the desert, on the sea, on the lake, in the breeze, but he is always there. Creeping closer and closer. Bit by bit, he creeps and creeps until he finally catches up with them. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in ten years. But he will catch up, and when he does, you will wish you had escaped.   15. Mist The mist is here. It has always been here. Some say it is everywhere but I know it is just here. Since if it is somewhere else, how could it be here. A man came yesterday, he said the mist was making us dumb. But he is the dumb one. He doesn't know how much the mist is here. We do everything right, and the mist doesn't mind us at all. How can it make us dumb. I have never been smarter in my life. But sometimes, I wish the mist wasn't here. So I could leave, and see what the world has to offer. But the mist is here, and I cannot leave. Because the mist is here.     17. Shadow People say shadows are a product of light. But they are the absence of light. Although it is true that there is no shadow without light. There is also no light without shadow. Without shadow, without darkness, you would be more blind than in the darkest shadow. The shadows are calming. They are the tidepool that keeps the crab safe. They are the soft underbrush that hides the lamb. They are the wall around Querenth, the height of Niinks, the depth of Limia. They are what hides my knife. What hides my approach? What hides your demise? They are a beauty. A work of wonderful terrible art that hides the darkest things this world can bring at you.   22. Lock Lock the door, lock the door, nobody can know we are here. If they knew, they would most definitely interfere. I mean, what we're doing here is holy business. But they would never understand. They go pale when you gut a little kid, they would never understand this. We need to make sure they don't interfere. Lock the door, lock the door. Peak through the hole and make sure nobody comes in while I start the work. This here is holy business. Make sure they don't come in, this is holy business.   27. Echo Hello? Hear that? Some would say it is your echo. Yet you know it's not. Some people think it's the wind. Yet you see it's not. You see me creeping. Closer and closer. You hear my voice. Breathing down your neck The end is near. Creeping closer and closer. But in your final moments. It's only me you can think of. Terrible beautiful me. Those teeth, that neck. Those eyes, peering into your soul. You know the end is here. Don't fight it.   31. Drown Falling, deeper and deeper. The cold water surrounds me. It absorbs me. Like I'm a drop of tea, dissolving into a lake of pure, cold, water. I reach up. But I can never reach so high. The darkness surrounds me. The voices are dimmed. I stop fighting. I all and fall. Deeper and deeper. Colder and colder. Im falling, deeper and deeper. Don't try to save me. It is too late.

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