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Lunfruit or Telinua is a small fruit of a plant found in the southern regions of Mithra. It is an, easy to pick fruit that is used in many households as a quick snack. They grow in abundance and travelers usually pick them while on their way.    

The plant

The lunfruit is a small tomato-like fruit that grows like olives on the branches of trees. It is colored tomato red and has a tomato like texture, but it is much less mushy and more springy than tomatoes. It is also quite small, more like the size of an olive or a date than a tomato. The taste is sweeter and less sour than a tomato. During early spring and summer, this fruit is at its biggest and ripe for the taking for any wanderers that might pass it. They grow in groups of twenty to sometimes a hundred pieces of fruit on a branch- the branches are quite long - which makes finding a tree, which has quite a few branches, a true treasure trove for the hungry adventurer.    


Lunfruit farms use a variety of tools to harvest this tasty fruit. Many tools exist for this but the most useful and widely used is what is called a bagger in common-tongue. It's a curved stick, that winds around the branch and when the bagger is pulled along it, the branch will release all the fruit on it. The tool is quite small which makes it easy to carry for a traveler.

In Elf'fyka most Lunfruit are foraged since it is tradition. For thousands of years, foragers have been going into the woods to find Lunfruit to bring back to compliment their feasts or just to snack.
Take a bag and fill them with Lunfruits. Only three coppers a bag
— Lunfruit merchant in Querinth
The leaves of branches on which the Lunfruit grows are long and Slim. Contrary to the other leaves on the tree. The Lunfruits themselves can grow with up to around twenty to sometimes a hundred on one branch.


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