Lord Sergei von Zarovich

Sergei von Zarovich was nobly born to Barov von Zarovich and Ravenia van Roeyen in Prime Material Barovia in 324 BC. He was the younger brother of Sturm and Strahd. Sergei left Barovia at a young age to study as a priest of the Morning Lord. However, he returned home before completing his training or becoming ordained.   Upon his return he met his true love Tatyana Federovna and they were¬† to be married in the summer of 351 BC. Strahd, however, coveted his youth and his bride. On the day of the wedding, Sergei would be murdered by Strahd and Tatyana would throw herself from the walls of Castle Ravenloft fleeing Strahd.   Sergei now wanders the Chapel in Castle Ravenloft as a mindless skeleton acting out priestly duties waiting to provide sactiments to the people of barovia who will never come.
Current Status
Deceased (undead)
Current Location
Circumstances of Death
Murdered by Count Strahd Von Zarovich
Place of Death
Castle Ravenloft


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