Argynvostholt is a ruin of its once glorious state. In its time it was the must luxurious place in the valley, thanks to Argynvost’s gold. Some rooms are caved in with only rocks and ruined furniture inside, exposed to the elements. Some have become the lairs of monsters like the colony of giant spiders


Argynvost was a silver dragon who moved into the Valley of Barovia disguised as a wealthy man. He was incredible wealthy, had his mansion built and used his resources to attract valorous champions of good to start a knight’s order. Argynvost was aware of the Amber Temple, a place of great evil. He made one of his order’s quests, to make sure whatever was in that temple would never be allowed to escape.   Years later Strahd’s army came to the valley and the Order of the Silver Dragon defended the valley (the name wasn’t Barovia yet), not because of allegiance or loyalty, but to protect the Amber Temple from outsiders. Unfortunately, Strahd’s army was much too powerful and they overcame the order. Even with the help of Argynvost in dragon form, they simply had no chance. After killing Argynvost, Strahd had his corpse stripped to the bone and the enormous skull transported to his camp. Years later, after the construction of Castle Ravenloft, the skull was set as a trophy in a dinning room for the barracks under the castle.   Since then the spirit of Argynvost has lost its power and what remains is just his will to rest for eternity, thus requiring his skull to be placed in the mausoleum in his back yard.   In the meanwhile, such was Vladimir Horngaard’s hate, that he came back as a revenant and brought back with him a small number of other knights as revenants, he is their master and they obey him. Vladimir is only around to ensure that Strahd suffers as most as possible. Their main activities consist in killing Strahd’s lackeys, creatures and adventurers from time to time (Vladimir is aware that more often than not, adventurers are brought as Strahd’s playthings or pet projects, so killing them is another way to torment Strahd.


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Order of the Silver Dragon
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