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Material Characteristics

A ball of bright light, showing the blueness of it only at the edges of the ball.   The soul is able to change its shape, turning into a rounded version of whatever it’s trying to copy.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Warm to the touch

Geology & Geography

It’s found in every single piece of organic life, even in plants and rocks.

Origin & Source

It comes from divinity, with each soul being uniquely made for each being of life.

Life & Expiration

It only begins to deteriorate when left without an anchor to the physical realm. It won’t fully disappear as it adds more magical energy on all planes of existence. More often than not, souls can be reused over and over again, either through reincarnation, creating specific magical effects, or mashing together pieces of souls to make a whole new one.

History & Usage


Souls have always been culturally and religiously important, especially as they determine what happens to someone when they die. It’s recognised as being just as important to the foundation of life as water, just with the added fact that it’s what contains the ability to do magic.

Everyday use

It’s mostly used to bring life to organic beings, as well as storing magical energy.


If not properly handled, they can actually explode. It’s not likely whatsoever that it could explode when attached to a physical anchor, but when it’s free floating is when it becomes volatile. It’s actually how most liches die, as they need to feed on souls every so often to keep their lichdom.

Environmental Impact

Aside for exploding, it can increase energy levels and the effectiveness of magic.

Reusability & Recycling

Outside of gods using them to create new life, liches can harness souls to use for their own magical purposes. Soul gems are the most common form of lich creations, and can be used for a variety of different things (like storing souls to consume, charging gems, increasing magical effects).   Even fragments of souls can be utilised by liches, though it’s only the most powerful ones that can do this effectively. Frankensteining fragments together, liches can potentially create new life. At the moment though, it’s only a theory.


Trade & Market

You can get them at the blackmarket, though because only liches can hold physical souls, most regular mortals who wish to use them need to obtain them when manually anchored to physical objects by said liches. It’s incredibly rare to obtain unless you’re already in, or associated with lich covens.


The easiest method of storage is to anchor souls to items that don’t decay much at all, like rocks/gems. At that point you can do pretty much whatever to store them, as long as the souls are transferred before the items significantly deteriorate. Failure to do so will make it almost impossible to extract as Lord Uvie will be watching over, waiting to take the soul to the next stage of life.

Law & Regulation

It’s expressly forbidden to attempt any sort of soul manipulation, hence why you need to go to black markets or be part of lich covens to get anywhere near this type of magic.
Elemental / Molecular
Insanely expensive
Extremely common in existence, but extraordinarily rare to be able to hold one in your hands and trade.
Kinda tastes like water, like sparkling water
Light blue
Common State

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