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Eyeless Watchers



Specialised gear to aid in heat retention, weapons, and various items to subdue miscreants. All personnel carry these items, though higher ranks are able to carry long-range weapons.


Daggers are the most common weapon. Bows & arrows are also utilised, as well as wands made specifically for offensive casting. Whips are another weapon, though typically possessed by higher ranks.


Their ranks are organised by their sensory abilities, as well as having sub ranks based on their talent.   The lowest rank is the scouts, who possess general heightened abilities to preform reconnaissance. This rank has three sub ranks, organised from novice, to adept, to advanced. More often than not, they tend to work alone in the highest rank.   The second lowest rank is the navigators, who possess a great understanding of spatial awareness. More often than not they tend to work in pairs of three or more, which helps them get a clearer picture of their surroundings. Like scouts, they have three sub ranks, organised from novice, to adept, to advanced.   The next highest rank is the enforcers, the warrior rank that relies on echolocation and the vibrations of the ground help guide them. They work in troops of 16-30 soldiers, being commanded by the ranks above them. They come in six ranks, ordering from the the most novice and least capable of long-range fighting, to the most advanced and capable of long range fighting. It’s not uncommon to see a blend of all ranks working together in one troop.   The highest rank is the commanders. They all possess a unique insight on strategy from magic enchantments, having an increased ability to pair specific groups together for optimised results. There’s three sub ranks to the commanders, with individual group commanders at the bottom, then general group commanders, and then commanders of commanders at the top.


Members are given training in fighting, sensory perception, leadership, strategy, and magic.



Food, housing, weapon supplies, training, clothes are all part of the upkeep. It’s paid for by the Supreme Lord as part of her deal with Lord Cassius.


Only demons with limited to no eyesight are recruited. It’s part of a deal with the Supreme Lord to help provide something useful to said demons, mostly so she doesn’t have to deal with them.


As they provide more security than actual fighting, it’s very rare that they engage in full on battles. The only known time of this happening was during the Vampire War, when succubi groups were attempting to follow vampires into Mirthae and attack them. The Eyeless Watchers had to hold them back as they tried to flood through the portal that connects Mirthae to Hell.   Even with as successful as they were, there’s not much of a legacy left with them at all. Outside of the embassies and the government in Hell, little to no one actually knows who or what the Eyeless Watchers are. There’s no songs, art, literature, or anything that wasn’t created directly by the knights.

Historical loyalties

Being knights, they’re officially loyal to the leaders of both worlds they serve.
14th of Vigni, 617 TEA
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Ranks & Titles

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