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Fantasy Images GmbH

Fantasy Images is an entertainment company in Varenburg. It was founded in 1990 and quickly became one of the largest companies in the city. Its key business areas are game development, advertising, web design and publishing. Events are also part of the company's portfolio, but have played a minor role so far. Fantasy Images operates under the legal form of a GmbH and is therefore an independent legal entity.

The newest, hottest game of the year? The most opulent event of the season? The latest bestseller, the latest in-comic? You can bet your ass that Fantasy Images has its fingers in it. They may not publish it directly, but they influence it. The company came out of nowhere and just cleaned up the market. With the snap of a finger. But in the last few weeks it has been suspiciously quiet. They are definitely planning something bigger.

— Sebastian Schmied


Not much is known about the organisational structure of Fantasy Images, in fact there doesn't even seem to be a real structure or hierarchy. The creatives working for the group are assigned to specific projects and are encouraged to learn and train outside their core competencies. Adjustments are only made to the staff if an employee does not fit into the company climate.

The only permanent and at least known by name is the rather publicity-shy Cadence Fischer, founder, managing director and sole owner of Fantasy Images.


The company attaches great importance to creative, versatile employees, who also receive further training outside their own core competence. Fantasy Images critiques daily events and always finds a further use for them within their products, which seems to put a finger on the wound.

Due to the lack of a strict hierarchy, they force the employees to work independently and solution-oriented. At Fantasy Images, these skills are always specifically trained.

However, Ms Fischer's best-known philosophy is that she pays above average. In her few announcements to the press she also quotes Robert Bosch at this point and cites this attitude as the basis of her success:

I do not pay good wages because I have a lot of money, but I have a lot of money because I pay good wages.

— Robert Bosch


Fantasy Images was founded in 1990 by Cadence Fischer. The share capital of the company at its foundation was 2,500,000 euros. As far as is known to the public, there are no other shareholders or partners.

Initially, a publisher specialising in role-playing games and comics, the company quickly expanded its business. Just one year after its foundation, it bought up various small publishing houses in the city and added two large roleplay and comic shops to its branches. By 1995 Fantasy Images owned 80% of the city's bookstores, publishers and game retailers.

In 1996 the group expanded its business again and bought the "red light ship" Western Princess. Operations on the ship were closed, and it undertook a major restructuring and renovation. A year later, when guests could board the Princess again, popularity and sales rocketed.

We make Fantasies come true

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This is a really interesting organisation. I'm really curious - it seems like there's a lot more to this company that it appears on the surface.

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