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Davina | Member Since 26 Oct, 2020
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Hello! I am Davina, actually a member of the Inner Sanctum. To show you what’s possible with World Anvil (even investing no money) I have this second account.

I’m streaming the world building and development of Fangfinder and release YouTube videos to it. If you’re interested, have a look! Besides helpful World Anvil tutorials, there are also hints and help for world building and an awesome community.



Monday: 2:00 AM CET - 4:00 AM CET
Friday: 3:00 AM CET - 5:00 AM CET
on Twitch


A new video every wednesday on Youtube

Premier League

Favorite Movies

I love to watch movies, even if I don't always have the time to do so. Here are my all-time-favourites which I could watch over and over again:

  • Salem's Lot
  • Underworld
  • Van Helsing
  • Constantine
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula
  • House of the Damned
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Sherlock Holmes

Favorite TV Series

TV-Series fit a little bit better into my time schedule. Lately I have watched some while I was working (which influences my writing a lot! Especially if I watch them in English):

  • Good Omens
  • Criminal Minds
  • Sherlock
  • Kindred: The Embraced
  • American Gods

But of course I have a lot more of them on my Watchlist!

Favorite Books

I enjoy reading quite a lot, even if my reading in the last few months was limited to rulebooks of various role-playing systems. However, the following are among my favourite novels:

  • Stephen King - The Shining
  • Stephen King - Doctor Sleep
  • Stephen King - It.
  • Stephen King - The Dark Tower Series
  • The Ravenloft Novels
  • Vampire the Masquerade Clan Novels
  • Vampire the Dark Ages Clan Novels
  • Masquerade of the Red Death Triology

Favorite Games

When it comes to gaming, I am pretty simple. I love Cities: Skylines, Game Dev Tycoon and Darkest Dungeon. I also played World of Warcraft and Ultima Online for a very, very long time.

When it comes to TTRPG, I love Shadowrun, Chronicles of Darkness, Vampire: The Masquerade, Vampire: Dark Ages, Vampire: The Requiem and Pathfinder, First Edition. Did I mention that I love vampires?