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Siren Guard


The Guard exists out of the Commander, Captain and soldier.   At all times there is only one Commander, two Captains and the rest are soldiers.  

by Canva


The Guard is trained to listen to all inside the unit. It is more a democracy than a follow the leader. But all voices of the Guard are minor against the voice of a member of the Council. Especially the Matriarch Lady P'ula'ula, who is leader of the Guard.  

by Canva

Public Agenda

The whole reason that the Guard exists is to protect the underwater city Aupunimalalo and the Sirens that life there. That used to be guarding the surroundings of the city, but that duty went away when the wards were created. So now they guard the streets and the sacred places like the Pōhaku'siren.  

by Canva


The Guard was created right after the creation of the city. Which was occupied by Sirens and Naiads. Naiads were back then also part of the Guard, but this all changed when the Naiads decided to leave the city, nobody knows why this is. Some say it is because the council had started to build prisons, or others say it is because of an argument between the Siren Council and the Naiad Council. But then another group states that it was the drive to explore the world above. There are more theories, but again nobody knows for sure.       After that the structure of the Guard and their duties changed. There were not enough Guards to protect the city and to uphold the law created be the Siren Council. So the wards were created to lift that part of the duties of the Guards shoulders. Now the Guard walks through the streets, guard the sacred places and be respected members of the community.  

by Canva

Foreign Relations

Mālama a Mālama

Founding Date
Somewhere in the year 50
Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
The Guard
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Related Species

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