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Session 7 Notes

General Summary

More Mines Exploration - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Lamlar (8th Day)

  • The party finishes a short rest in the small side room, with Roth keeping watch
  • The party tries to discover if anything can be harvested from the worms
  • Roth got a small piece of the meat, tried it with the spices, he gagged, and the party did not try to harvest any more meat from the creatures
  • The party explored the north east passages, and the south passage, where they found a rough ramp leading down
  • The party goes down one level and sees a small square room, 2 tunnels and 1 wooden door (not trapped/locked)
  • Behind the door is a large elemental creature with a table, tools, and several cute rubies, who does not appear hostile to the party
  • The party figures out the disk that Roth found allows the elementals to be controlled
  • The party finds 2 other rooms, with 2 other elementals, and are given all the rubies the total 3 elementals had (42, each worth 50 pg each) and the elementals will polish and cut the rubies the party has round
  • After exploring, finding nothing threatening, but they did find the bottom of one mine shaft (they already had seen which goes up), a small railroad of carts, and a new second mine shift they had not seen before that goes down
  • Baeshra goes spider again and takes the party down 1 level in the mine shaft on person at a time
  • In this new letter, each person takes 1 direction to explore
    • Fiske goes north and finds a tunnel/ramp that leads down
    • Roth goes south, finds a T-intersection and a small chamber, which a Shadow strikes him, after which he feels weak and teleports back to the shaft area
    • Baeshar goes west, and finds another shadow, which he fights after transforming into a bear
    • Scarlet went east and did not see anything before the fights started
  • Merry heals Roth, and with the help of Fiske, and Scarlett, the 4 of them manage to defeat the shadow
  • As soon as that shadow is defeat, a bear (they assume Baeshra) runs into the main shaft area followed by another shadow, which the party also manages to defeat
  • All this fighting made a great deal of noise, which attracted the attention of some skeletons in the north and west areas
  • The party is easily able to defeat the skeletons (7 in total)
  • Party discusses options of where to go, what to do, and if Baeshra with lantern can lead the way, while taking a short rest

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
22 Mar 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island Ruby Mine

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