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Session 35 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruavan (13th Day)

  • Scarlett experiments with the vial/aquarium and tries to learn how it works and about the creatures inside.
  • Scarlett consults with Phillip on the animals inside and tries to speak with them, fails on the fish, bunny shark and ink blot inside.
  • Scarlett, Merry and Baeshra head to the docks to try and learn about the animals in the tanks and Scarlett gets a necklace from a dolphin (Shell with crab one side, dolphin on the other, divine focus/Holy Symbol).
  • Three long rest at the inn, The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class Roth still on vacation at the Heavenly Flowers - Mid-Range Brothel
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruanes(14th Day)
  • Party has a free/rest day. Nothing Happens
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruaoth (15th Day)
  • Party has a free/rest day. Roth returns to the group, nothing of note happens
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Lafael (16th Day) Full Moon
  • The four party members run into Ari, a bard that Merry knows from her travels in the afternoon The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class.
  • Ari mentions she is from the Elven city of Ofanbelle, which interests Roth.
  • Ari would like to travel with this party for awhile and no one seems to object at the moment, as they have four weeks before the journey starts to the dessert.
  • During the late afternoon a merchant talks to Wilmar at the bar, who points out the party. The merchant asks the party to get rid of a giant spider for 100 gold. Roth negotiates to 125 gold, and the party agrees.
  • The merchants tells what he can about the spider, and says the ship was quarantined once the spider was discovered. Ari tags along and mentions it may be a blink spider, like a blink dog.
  • The party goes down in the hold of the ship, with the merchant and his row boat and aids waiting off the ship.
  • Merry provides cover from above, and the rest of the party in the hold fights the one (or two spiders) with 1 dying in the etheral plane and 1 dying in front of the party.
  • Scarlet casts her first spell. Baeshra takes a big hit and turns into a turtle, destroying a small barrel of cloth. Baeshra the summons 8 wolves to help in the killing of the spider(s).
  • The spider's nest is found by Ari, who gets Baeshra to burn it and hopefully kill all the baby spiders.
  • Baeshra swims back to shore with his eight wolves, while Merry, Scarlett, Ari and Roth present the spider body to the merchant and he pays them 120 gold, minus 5 for the destroyed item by Baeshra.
  • Roth breaks it up into 42 gold each, including a share for Ari, letting the merchant know there was a spider egg cluster, and he should be careful with the cargo and inspect it carefully.
  • The party takes the spider to Korfel at the The Voddoo Doll - Magic Shop who has no idea what the spider is, and does not want it, despite the party saying it is magical.
  • Baeshra is able to skin the spider and roll a nature check to remove the two venom glands, which are now stored in the bag of holding.
  • The party enjoys a relaxing rest of the full moon night.

Rewards Granted

120 gold, pieces of the Phase Spider

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
26 Apr 2019

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