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Session 34 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruanae (10th Day)

  • Merry and Scarlett discuss the job offered to Scarlett by the mystery mage. Scarlett wants to take the job, but Merry is still unsure.
  • The mage contacts Scarlett via sending and tell her the mage will provide a map and some money for supplies if they agree to the job, but the mage will need an answer soon.
  • Tabby shows up at the inn with some money and a map of the university and the best way to get in, and promises that she will wait and take care of everything after the job is done
  • Merry asks Tabby if the mage would be able to provide a reference, which Tabby does not understand, but is happy to take a note back to the mage. Tabby leaves and the party long rests at the The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Rubrar (11th Day)
  • The next morning a cleric of the temple of Oghma, the god of knowledge, shows up at the tavern and asks to speak with Merry and Scarlett, Priestess Seraphina.
  • At recognizing the diety which this cleric serves, simply says "we are taking the job", give the priestess 1 ruby worth 50 gold as an offering and leaves
  • The priestess Seraphina then explains the the mage who asks for help is a good person and the lack of information is a layer of protection for both parties. The priestess says this mage serves the greater good and has been of great aid to her and the temple.
  • Scarlett and the priestess then have a chat with Philip the octopus and Scarlett casts speak with animals.
  • The rest of the day passes without incident.
  • That evening Tabby shows up with 2 badges, money, and the map. Scarlett asks if the party can have 4 badges so everyone can go, and Tabby says she will ask and return the next night. Party long rests.
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruaoth (12th Day)
  • Merry wanders around town hearing rumors of the harvest festival, ship in harbor which is quarantined and the thieves guild may be up to something big.
  • Baeshra wanders the parks/trails outside the city after confirming his dragon is feeling better, Scarlett went to the blacksmith, and the day was restful.
  • Merry tells Scarlett where to find Roth and that afternoon she finds the brothel Heavenly Flowers - Mid-Range Brothel and waits with tea and shortbread cookies while they fetch Roth.
  • Roth asked who was asking for him, which he got the reply, "Red Tiefling, Scarlett", Roth goes, "kind of simple?" gets dressed and goes with Scarlett
  • At dinner, Tabby brings a map, 4 badges, and a bag of gold.
  • Roth knows they have to steal research notes and possible animals.
  • All four have hoods up and use the badges (like key cards) to get into the student entrance just after dinner. Roth uses disguise self to look a student, Merry and Scarlett enter just fine, Baeshre draws the attention of the guards, who ask him to stop
  • Baeshra then shifts into a giant turtle inside the gate. The guards are not amused by this.
  • Merry persuades (27) the guards the Baeshra is drunk and the she can get him back to his room, and let him sleep it off. Roth uses his Raven cloak to fly to the rooftops to provide covering fire if necessary.
  • Merry and Scarlett persuade Baeshre to turn human again, and the guard tells the other guard to prep for a code green. Happily Baeshra turns back into a lizardman and the rest of the party gets him out of there.
  • All four break into the office and search the desk, unlocks all 5 desk drawers, finds nothing remarkable and re-locks 4 of the the deck drawers.
  • Roth sees a secret door to the laboratory/secret room, where they avoid a trap and find notes on chimeric creatures. They take all the notes, a few books, and a small bottle that looks like a potion.
  • The party sneaks back out, with Baeshra invisible this time, and returns to the inn.
  • Roth gives all the notes to Tabby, who puts everything in a bag of holding, and they party gets 25 platinum, after which Tabby leaves as Baeshra keeps growling at her.
  • Roth examines the vile before giving it to Scarlett, who attunes to the item and finds it is a portable aquarium with self-feeding tanks.
  • Baesrha, Scarlett and Merry rest at the inn while Roth returns to his vacation at Heavenly Flowers - Mid-Range Brothel.

Rewards Granted

250 gold Menagerie of Animals (Scarlett)

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
05 Apr 2019
Primary Location

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