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Session 33 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruamil (9th Day)

  • Merry, Roth and Baeshra rest awhile down the road from where the orges lie. They rest for an hour and roll hit dice.
  • The three then get to the town of Drogerty. Esterson Wood - Drogrey about 4:30 in the afternoon
  • Baeshra and Roth head to the one tavern/store while Merry boards the horses in the very small stable.
  • Roth, Baeshra and Merry speak with Emelie who gives Roth and Merry a drink and Baeshra orders and purchases a raw Guinea Foul on his own.
  • Those three wait for awhile and chat while they keep the dragon warm and wait for the Druid to show up. There may be a reward for killing the ogres.
  • About 7 pm and in time for dinner, Druid Monty came into the tavern. He is a forest gnome druid who has gray hair and smiled a lot.
  • Monty examines the pseudodragon and speaks with it in Draconic, and then talks to Baeshra about posting diagnoses. Month suggests the pseudragon is suffering from a wasting sickness.
  • Monty recommends trying a general cure all, followed by a medicine if that does not work. The cure all plant was skull cap, which the pseudodragon tried to communicate to Baeshra awhile ago.
  • Monty then gives one does to the pseduodragon and an additional 3 doses to Baeshra just in case, along the recipe and preparation notes of a possible cure. (Viper's Bugloss, golden suncup (only found in high dessert location), red poppy, garlic, mint, and thistle)
  • Roth gets an outdoor camping platform with canvas cover for the evening for the 3 of them.
  • Merry plays for the crowd to get the party free dinner, Roth retires early to practice the viol.
  • Baeshra and Monty discuss druid things and then Baeshra and Monty categorize some of the interesting herbs/flowers that Monty has found in the forest so far.
  • Baeshra asks about faster traveling and Monty mentions he has a spell which can transport the party back to down the following day, very quickly.
  • The party then long rests in Drogerty.
  • Back in Benroth, Scarlett spends the day at the blacksmith There Be Smoke - Blacksmith and creates 3 daggers. She also learns a little about clockwork animals that Nim the gnome artificer is creating.
  • Scarlett returns to the The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class , and finds her party gone There is a note from the mage who was trying to hire her, and the street urchin Tabby.
  • Scarlett asks Tabby for some additional information and if she would be given some items to help her. Scarlett is still unsure, but seems interested in the job.
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruanae (10th Day)
  • Baeshra, Merry and Roth wake up in Drogerty, and Baeshra picks the plants the Monty grew that may help in his pseudodragon medicine. Baeshra is shocked Monty is mostly vegetarian.
  • Roth and Monty discuss the magic, and the decision is made to transport the party with the 3 horses to a large tree outside of town. Monty transports the party via plants.
  • Roth returns the 3 horses to Shooting Star Stables and Taran returns his deposit (gets back 220 gold, since he returned the horses early).
  • Roth tells Merry she knows where to find him. He returns to the Heavenly Flowers - Mid-Range Brothel and continues his vacation.
  • Baeshra and Merry return to the tavern to greet Scarlett. The three take a lazy day of exploring a nature trail outside the city, a big lunch and then a spa afternoon for the tieflings.
  • Baeshra takes the afternoon on gather plants for healing potions. Merry and Scarlett get a bath and massage at the Hall of Wanton Lasses - Brothel near Docks which offers some spa services to all people.
  • Merry enjoys a halfing massage and Scarlett gets Fredrick (a handsome human) to give her a hot stone massage.

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
29 Mar 2019

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