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Session 32 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruamil (9th Day)

  • The party awakes, with Roth still at the Heavenly Flowers - Mid-Range Brothel and enjoying a massage, the rest of the party is at The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class.
  • Scarlett tells Baeshra and Merry she is going to work at the blacksmith for a day or two and think about the job offer she received. She hugs Merry and heads off alone.
  • Baeshra and Merry want to head to the library, and Baeshra wants to speak with the arch druid Merry meet the previous day. The pseduodragon mentions it is cold, so Baeshra makes a flame, dragon is happier.
  • Both Baeshra and Merry make medicine/nature checks and are unable to determine what is wrong with the dragon.
  • Merry and Baeshra walk to the university and are escorted to go the library. The receptionist there gives them the books Julia pulled for them and tries to contact the ArchDruid Marisha.
  • The receptionist tells Baeshra, he can meet with her in about 2 weeks, and sets an appointment for him. He creates hummingbirds for the tree outside the library.
  • The pseudodragon again mentions being cold, and so Baeshra creates fire, which makes the receptionist unhappy, and she asks Baeshra to take the fire outside.
  • Merry continues to read about the Northern Dessert and Baeshra is outside with the dragon, who the receptionist fears is ill.
  • The receptionist suggests they see the Druid Monty, who specializes in magical creatures and plants. He is in the Esterson Wood, near the town of Drogerty, one day away.
  • The receptionist contacts another magic user, who will send Druid Monty a message, and he will meet them in Drogerty as soon as he can get there.
  • To keep the dragon warm, Merry hands Baeshra a cleansing stone, which he heats, and then it keeps the dragon warm. The dragon plays with the cleansing effect of the stone.
  • Out of the library, and the university, Baeshra hands Merry a lite tourch, which the dragon curls around, then he turns into a horse.
  • Merry heads back to the inn, with the horse biting/following her, leaves a message for Scarlett, and finds out where Roth has gone to relax.
  • Merry casts message to Roth, who asks "who is this". Roth dresses, gets a voucher for the rest of him at the brothel, and joins Merry and Baeshra (as a horse) at the south gate.
  • Roth spots a stable with post horses for rent, Shooting Star Stables and Merry and Roth rent 3 horses from Taran (250 gold now, 200 back when the horses are returned in 3 days).
  • Roth is annoyed that he has to front the money, and mentions the others will pay him back.
  • Roth and Baeshra hear in passing that there is a rumor of ogres, which Branwen circles to hear. Branwen also enjoys playing with the cleansing stone.
  • Roth and Merry have a conversation about the cleansing stone and the message spell, as Roth is now on high alert, and both of them ride towards Drogerty. Baeshra is still a horse.
  • 18 miles and 2 hours later, they cool the horses, Baeshra is a lizard man, and they rest in Shirefield. They have lunch, and get info on the ogres. 1 hour short rest.
  • Roth and Merry continue a hard drive to just north of Drogerty, Baeshra is still a horse. 1 hour and a half in. Fight begins when an Ogre bursts out of the wood, followed by 6 half ogres.
  • Roth falls off his horse, Merry is knocked off horse and unconscious, and a rented horse is almost killed, yet the party prevails.
  • The party finds 25 gold, 14 silver, 7 copper, 12 javalins, 6 great axes, 7 great clubs, animal teeth necklace, 3 opals (20 gp each) and 2 jade chess pieces.
  • Baeshra gets the horses who ran away back, and healed the horse that was down.
  • It is around 2:30 pm and the party is 1-2 hours, 6 miles north of Drogerty.

Rewards Granted

25 gold, 14 silver, 7 copper, 12 javalins, 6 great axes, 7 great clubs, animal teeth necklace, 3 opals (20 gp each) and 2 jade chess pieces.

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
15 Mar 2019

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