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Session 30 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Duael (7th Day)

  • The party talks about the job and are mostly considering taking it, but want to think a little more about it.
  • The party talks to Wilmar, the owner or the The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class about places that are not too busy.
  • Wilmar mentions that there are a few places outside of town that are pretty sparsely populated.
  • The party rests overnight and will go test out the music the next day, Roth practices the viol.
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Lamlar (8th Day)
  • The party heads out of town per Wilmar's instructions out the northwest gate, going past the main square, seeing the artificer and pet cart selling items.
  • The group sees a gathering of people, adventure types around a building with a door carved with fairy dragons.
  • Merry, Roth, and party go to investigate, seeing there is a job posting board with various tasks that can be completed or jobs that they are looking to hire people for.
  • Roth notices some messages about the missing musicians, requests for sailors/laborers, parcel delivery, herb collections, and note about "animal lover's delight" and in thieves cant a note to say the password "Animal Lover" to the receptionist at the Thieves Guild Office - The Crooked Quill
  • Roth does not mention the last one, and the party goes out the city, passing a general store, and a tavern with painted garden on the front
  • At the gate, the party passes under a portcullis, and when asking a guard, he mentions the gate closes at dusk, and any night traffic goes through another gate.
  • The party goes out of town, to a grove of tress about a mile and a half outside of town, away from observers
  • Baeshra, Scarlett and Fiske all stand 15 ft away at the ready in case something is summoned with the music.
  • Roth holds the music, standing next to Mary with a hand on her shoulder, waiting for something to happen, weapons ready-ish.
  • Merry plays the song (Performance 18), and the after the song, both Roth and Merry feel a vibration through them, and are now standing in a clearing by beautiful landscape with a purple lake.
  • Taking in the sight of a purple lake, green sky, blue leaves and grass and silver tree trunks, Merry realizes they are likely in the Feywild
  • Two people greet them, realizing that Roth and Merry have appeared, well dress people on a picnic, likely elves, Lord Forest and Lady Nightingale.
  • Merry claims to be a traveling musician come to entertain, and tries to use the pipes of haunting, which fail on both Lord and Lady, and Roth. Roth overhears them in Sylvan taking about the magical pipes, and cautions Merry to not do that again.
  • Lady Nightingale mentions how much more well manner Roth and Merry are, and that the others are not as polite. Merry mentions these missing people are the ones she was hoping to find.
  • The Lord and Lady send Marigold, long green hair, to show the visitors to the rude ones, and Marigold goes on in Sylvan about her one trip to Miross, how she hopes to see a flying bunny, and all about the story she heard when she was young about someone who made magic music that could transport the Fae Bard back and forth to the Faewild.
  • Roth and Merry are lead to a storage tent, where they see three musicians, who tell the tale of how they played the song, arrived here, upset the lady, and after 24 hours, only Nim, who was holding the music, returned to Benroth, with no memory of the time spent in the Faewild.
  • Merry want to try to play the song again and return, or just try to sneak away, and Roth suggests that the musicians apologize and then try to get away, and Roth teaches the musicians a formal apology in Sylvan.
  • Merry intimidates the other musicians into following her orders to try and get them all out.
  • Roth and Merry follow Marigold back to the main court area, and they listen to a Harper play a piece in Sylvan, singing about the First Rains of Spring
  • Lady and Lord offer to let Merry play for the return of the wayward musicians, with one song for each musician. Roth and Merry discuss and believe that this is the best course of action.
  • Marigold takes Roth and Merry to a small seating area where they discuss and practice the three beautiful pieces of music that the Lady Nightingale suggested. The pieces were all either composed by her, or for her.
  • Roth seeing some small yellow hummingbirds flitting over the lake, and Branwan wants out of the cloak to fly around with them, Roth tells her it is very dangerous and she needs to stay put in the cloak to be safe.
  • Marigold gathers them after a hour or so, and give Roth and Merry flower crowns, Roth purple/yellow, Merrys white/purple.
  • Roth apologizes for his lack of performance skill and attempts to aid Merry in the 3 pieces she plays. First and Second were played very well, Third was not played well at all.
  • Lady Nightingale allows Merry to try again on the third piece, as Merry claimed the piece very well done, and very advanced, she rolled a high persuasion check, and convinced the lady that she and the other musicians should practice, and the group can perform the next day in an attempt to win freedom for all three.
  • Marigold returns them to the supply tent, and a small tent is set up for Merry and Roth for the evening. Merry tells the three musicians, that she can get 2 out, and possibly the 3rd, but they will need to play as they never played before.
  • Two humans and a gnome play the viol, french horn, and flute. The four practice several hours, have a dinner of meats and vegetables, and then practice some more. Roth practice along side the viol player.
  • Marigold offers some suggestions on court practices and some ideas on Faewild rumors and truths. Roth gives Marigold some water from the flask, which she is astonished to find is blue in color.
  • Roth guesses there is a doorway to the Eleven lands from the Feawild
  • The party of musicians rest for the night
  • Roth gives rum to the musicians in the morning with breakfast, and a cup to Marigold, who has never had rum before.
  • Roth and Merry go the court and present 2 rubies, found in a dwarven mine overrun by undead and carved by a fire elemental, and the first pan pipe Merry every had, the Lord and Lady are very pleased with the gifts.
  • The musicians perform the third piece wonderfully, much to the pleasure of the Lord and Lady
  • The Lady Nightingale gifts copies of the three songs to Merry, and tells her how the sheet music works, and how to travel with the music. She thinks the song will bring her always to this place, but she is unsure. The Lady invites them to play for her again if they return.
  • The 24 hours end, and as they are all touching, all 5 transport back from the Faewild.
  • Roth and Merry find only 1 minute has passed for the rest of the party.
  • Roth and Merry remember the time away, as do the two humans, but the gnome seems to have no memory of the trip to the Faewild.

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
15 Feb 2019

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