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Session 28 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Duama (5th Day)

  • Party wakes up and has breakfast, Roth mentions wants to get some weapons and armor.
  • Wilmar, the owner of The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class mentions two stores, a weapons store, The Best Defense - Weapons Shop and a armor store, A Good Offense - Armor/Tanner Store
  • Merry decides to stay at the inn and play for tips, while Scarlett, Roth, Baeshra, and Fiske go shopping
  • Scarlet’s pseudodragon escpaes its cage on the way to the stores, and it flies away
  • Baeshra asks his dragon to see if he can communicate or get in touch with Scarlett's dragon, and all Baeshra gets is sadness, an image of Scarlett's dragon leaving and cold mountains.
  • The party, minus Merry goes into the weapons store, and purchase rapier (31g), 40 Bolts (2g), a used hand Crossbow (65g), and two hand axes (5g each) for a total 105 gold
  • The group goes with Roth to try out the used cross bow and sees the Blacksmith and artificer at There Be Smoke - Blacksmith.
  • Roth convinces the blacksmith to protype some daggers with a punch function, somewhat like brass knuckles.
  • The group meets Nim, a gnome artificer, who Roth asks to attach some crystal, ie magic focuses to a dagger and a walking stick, as well a creating a dagger sheathe. For 1g 5 silver, it will be done end of day, Roth agrees and pays
  • The party goes across the street to the The Good Offense, Roth and Fiske examine armor sets and Roth purchases splint mail for Fiske, who is then taught how to wear it; the owner displays his knowledge of Elvish by accident. Scarlet buys a belt to hold daggers and throwing axes. (245 gold 5 silver total)
  • The four go to the The Eager Compass - General Store, where Fiske buys an expensive cloak and fails to bargain down the price (6 gold), despite Branwen’s attempt at distracting the owner.
  • The group heads back to the inn for lunch and joins Merry, who only made 2 silver all morning; Roth mentions that he has been requested to examine the crypt in case of a potentially undead monster and asks the party to come along the next morning.
  • Merry, Baeshra, and Scarlet go around the town playing music to earn coin (about 2 gold) in the afternoon while Roth remains in his room at the inn and practices on his heavily muffled viol.
  • Fiske goes to the magic university and meets the librarian; he is escorted by heavily armed guards when going to and from the library and is asked to return in 4 or 5 days to see the head librarian again, as she is unsure what to make of his deity and deity experiences and wishes to do some research.
  • Roth and Scarlet (and Philip) return to the blacksmith’s, where Roth retrieves his dagger and walking stick from Nim, before going back to the Good Offense.
  • The owner of the Good Offense, Thor, measures Scarlet for a custom harness to hold the pot that Philip usually resides in.
  • Thor also mentions that he heard from the owner of the The Voddoo Doll - Magic Shop, Korfel, that enchanting studded leather to +1 would cost 500 GP and take 8-10 weeks.
  • The party then all meets and the inn for dinner, where Baeshra and Scarlett have a conversation about what happened to Scarlett's pseudo dragon, who seemed to long for the cold of high mountains.
  • The party then long rests for the night.
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Dular (6th Day)
  • The party rests for the night, then has breakfast before heading to the Temple Complex Benroth, at Roth’s lead.
  • Roth brings the party into the temple of the Raven Queen and they head towards the crypt with Acolyte Tome leading them, passing through a heavily enchanted door that is locked multiple time and leads down. Acolyte Tome shows them down into the crypt viewing room of the catacombs and describes what the staff of the temple has noticed.
  • Acolyte Tome mentions Roth is favored by the Raven Queen, which both Merry and Fiske assume either cleric or paladin, Scarlett and Baeshra are unsure of what the phrase could mean.
  • Acolyte Tome shows that she has a scroll of revivify at the ready and tells the group that she will wait in the viewing room while they investigate below. She mentions she has healing capabilities and that the door above is warded against undead.
  • She then goes to retrieves 2 vials of holy water at Roth’s request, giving them to him.
  • She show the party where the stairs are to go down to a lower level of the crypt.

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
17 Jan 2019

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