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Session 19 Notes

General Summary

Run away, Travel Up, Down and Plains to Ruins- World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Fisro (17th Day), Fislar (18th Day), Fisam (19th Day), and Fisten (20th Day)   Fisro (17th Day)

  • Party returns to shore
  • Party then waits on the beach, see all the boats arrive with a full catch, all mostly equal
  • Baeshra casts detect magic, and they don’t see any ruins on any of the boats
  • Roth orders the boat to fold up, when it does, pieces of wood go flying everywhere, the repairs did not seem to hold, though the boat in folded form looks slightly better than before
  • Party has dinner and drinks at the tavern, Roth orders 3 beers and takes them up to his room
  • Baeshra is already in the room they share and seems to be replaying the fight in the flames he is controlling
  Fislar (18th Day)
  • Wake up to porridge at the inn for breakfast, so Roth asks Baeshra for a good berry
  • Merry and Roth chat about getting off the island on the military vessel, and the two walk over to Freijya Hendriksen’s to ask about her travel to and from the mainland
  • Freijya Hendriksen talks about the military boat from Talmart is the main transport from the island, though there are some rare chartered vessels, to travel on the boat, a traveler would need 15 gp, and a letter of introduction from someone well know so that they can be vouched for, trusted to be on the boat
  • Discuss hags, Roth tries to determine is Frejya is a hag (she does not seem to be), and who would be the best person to write a letter of introduction
  • Frejya talks about Adelen (the name of the village) and the Brevill family who has the farm on the other side of the island (Colbern, male, Dogmar, female, and Sten, Kenna (Tanck)
  • Group returns to the tavern to talk to Gier Winterarm (meet up with Scarlett and Fiske who are eating breakfast)
  • Gier Winterarm thinks that there will be 2.5 weeks until the military vessel arrives
  • The party then tells him about the hags, the curses that were placed on the boats, and Gier Winterarm agrees to write letters of introduction if the catches stay continuously good and balanced over the time the party is gone exploring the island
  • The party then decides to go across the island and explore the tower
  • The party then picks up Baeshra, who was exploring the woods on the way out of town
  • The party takes the full day to climb up to the top of the peak on the island
  Fisam (19th Day)
  • Party descends the other the side of the peak and then stops in the small farming community to meet a few of the people there, who were very very wary of strangers.
  • The party then buys some artisanal cheeses, three of which we were able to try, and purchase.
  • Roth then tipped the teenager who brought them cheese a silver (this is all about 10-11 am)
  • The party eats bourbon flavored good berries and walks across the plains
  • It took most of the day to cross the grassland, which the party was able to do quickly as Baeshra turned into a giant bear and broke the tail
  • They ended the night in the ruins, where the party fought the twig blights
  • The party then camped out and long rested
  Fisten (20th Day)
  • The next morning the party saw a giant constrictor snake in a tree at the edge of the forest
  • Baeshra skinned and kept the bones for daggers, while the party eats snake for breakfast

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
13 Sep 2018

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