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Light Emiting Butterflies

Blessings and Burdens

I thought they were extincted, but here they are. I wonder if they migrated to this area... but why?
— A rediscovery from a curious woman

Basic Information


These creatures are butterfly shaped. Their outline emits a bright light, colours each one their own. The inner part of the wings have a glow that is a different colour, or many colours. They have four antenas; two long, luminescent strands on top of the head and two at the end of their bottom wings, shorter than the top and also curved at the ends. Their bodies are the brightest part of these creatures and it isn't known whether or not these are butterflies or something else entirely.

Civilization and Culture


The brighter the Luminary the better for insight and inspiration. Beware the fading lights and don't follow them, lest they leech your body dry.
— Excerpt from Seasons of Eld
Luminaries. At least that is what the light emitting butterflies are called since ages of Elden Time. Written in the ancient tongue, it was long deciphered and translated from Seasons of Eld. An older comparison of today's Bestiary or World Compendium from hard cover to the Crystal Collective (Like a hologram, but uses magic to project images and information - write about this later).
Luminaries are mysterious forms of life because they resemble butterflies, but are hardly alike at all. They are not bugs, but rather born of magic and light. Some have mistaken them as spirits and cultures have gone so far as to worship them. Perhaps it might be that they provide inspiration, that some kin-souls had it in their mind and were convinced they were gods. However, there are some that are dangerous. The dimmer they are in light, the more influence they have over other living things. It would appear those are dying Luminaries and need a host to gather sufficient magic to keep living.
Unfortunately, this was the undoing of some cultures who took to worship these lesser beings. It was considered a blessing and honour to have one attached to their body, usually a hand or arm. Unknown to them the dim Luminaries were sucking the very life out of them.

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