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The Whispering Winds

At certain times of the year, in the city of Caeloria, a wind blows through the city. The wind is believed to carry faint and incorporeal voices that reveal secrets and prophecies to those who listen to them. The voices can bring one good fortune in life, but it comes at great risk, for those who listen to the voices and are weak will risk losing their sanity and becoming yet another voice in the wind.   Scholars are not quite sure when the voices began to appear in Caeloria, but according to the local legend, it happened within the last few hundred years, as the city was already well-established before the voices came. According to someone who witnessed someone becoming lost to the voices, it's said that the winds around the person become stronger and lift dust and other light and lose objects, and when they fall back down again, the person is gone as if they were never there, to begin with.   The prophecies the winds sometimes reveal can be of all sorts. An old prophecy is said to have consisted that the city merchants would make a fortune that year and that the city would benefit from it. Others predicted the city's destruction but did not reveal when it would happen, so people were initially very nervous. Still, as time passed and nothing happened, they got careless, and that's when the worst fire in the city's history broke out and claimed countless victims.   Some speculate that the winds feed on the souls of the citizens and that it has to be kind to the people from time to time; otherwise, they would all flee, and it would starve.   Over time, some people have come to worship the wind but it remains a minor cult in the city, one that the local city guard keeps an eye one but no one really takes serious as long as they follow the rules and dont draw attention to themself.


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Oct 9, 2023 22:30 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is a really cool idea. I'm so intrigued as to where the winds came from in the first place, and what happens if you are taken by the winds. :O

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Oct 10, 2023 09:06

Thank you :)