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The Spectral Legion

It is said that out in the wilderness of the Empire of Dercia , there exists a legion that has forever been cursed to wander the wilderness. Those few that have encountered them and survived to tell the tale talk about soldiers with a semi-transparent look and that they will appear at twilight.  
The most scary part were that all the time the legion were present, no air were blowing or bird singing, it was as if someone had paused nature.  
Maximus Cassius Dio - local merchant
    Those who had seen them say that one only has a few seconds to react before the legion appears, that the sound of marching soldiers will announce the appearance of the legion, and that the best way for someone to survive an encounter with the legion is to run for cover and hope that they were fast enough before the legion appeared out of the thin air. The only thing that helps those unfortunate people is that the legion only appears on roads and marches along them from one point to another. One person who encountered them said they appeared out of thin air, marched along the road for some minutes and then disappeared into thin air again.   No one knows what legion it is, but people have speculated that the legion might be the infamous 35th legion that, back in ancient times, refused to come to the aid of a fellow legion that was preparing for an imminent attack and that, as a punishment from the gods, the whole legion was cursed to march until they were called upon to help and this time answered. others speculate that the legion might instead might be made up of fallen soldiers that didn't get a prober burial and are now marching across the empire looking for those soldiers, taking them into their ranks for once their task is complete, ecort them to the afterlife.


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Oct 8, 2023 12:46 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Oooo, creepy. I can just imagine hearing the sound of marching all of a sudden.

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