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Tales around Mirateia 12

Having started shortly after the sun rose over the horizon, Ira and Azran were now within sight of Emitlestar, the place where they were to find transport to the Grand Duchy of Ved.   Before rolling up to the city gate, the two of them took on some clothing that would hopefully help them move around the city without being discovered, Azran took his hood over the head and Ira did the same but also added a face scarf that was common in this part of the empire. Passing through the gate after having told the guard on duty what their purpose in the city was, they were met with the sight of a busy town and every time the wind came it brought with it the smell of the sea along with the smell of food being cooked in a marked nearby that made Azrans stomach rumble telling him that he didn't eat his breakfast as he otherwise had told Ira that he had.   Rolling through the main street the two of them were taking in the view and noise of the city, the biggest city they had been in since they left the capital, but as much as they wanted to take it all in and relax for a bit, they had two big problems one was that they had almost no coins left having to spend it during their trip and the other slightly bigger problem was that by now the news of Ira's disappearance would have been shared to the guards and other groups out looking for her hoping to cash in the reward her dad likely had placed in her safe return.   The two of them rolled through the streets looking for a suitable place to stay low while they figured out how they were going to secure a place on a ship out of the empire. They soon found a small inn that was located down a small narrow alleyway a fair distance from the main street.   Having checked in at the inn having parked their wagon in the back yard of the inn and paid a silver each to the three kids to look after their two horses and give them something to eat while Ira and Azran went out looking for a way to secure a passage on a ship.   "So what is the plan?" Ira said while adjusting her scarf.   "First of all" Azran said while looking around for something to eat "I recon we find a food stand and get something to eat, then we should probably head towards the harbour and see if we can find a captain that will take us to the duchy of Qick"   Azran soon spotted a food stand that sold some honey-roasted chicken pieces served on a spit and he managed to hackle the price down to a price they both could agree on and afterwards they headed towards the harbour.   Down at the harbour, there were several ships docked along the many piers and at the far end of the piers, one could just spot the shapes of two naval ships docked. Asking around the two was soon able to find the harbour master's office and after having knocked on the door and went inside they were met with a dwarf sitting in a chair that had seen better days looking over some papers of what must be manifest of cargo from some of the ships docked outside.   Looking up at the two and adjusting his glasses.   "So what can I do for you, quite frankly you don't seem to be the type looking for work, so what can I do?   "Well, the thing is that we are looking for a captain heading for the dutchy of Qick and that is willing to take two passengers with them" Azran answered while gesturing towards the ships outside.   " I see, I see, two seconds," the harbour master said before turning around and opening a cabinet with a bunch of documents in it.   "Hmm It seems that the only ship I have that is heading that direction is the Alba"   "Perfect, umm... what's the price?" Ira asked.   "Well you see, the captain of this particular ship owes me a favour so if you two were to do fix a small problem I have then I could get on the ship free," The harbour master said looking from Ira to Azran and back again.   Azran was just about to say something when he stopped himself"   "Would it be alright if my friend and I just stepped outside for a minute and talked this over?"   "Sure, no problem the ship doesn't sail for another few days so should have plenty of time to talk and such," The harbour master said while returning to what he was doing before Ira and Azran came in.   Having stepped out and walked for a bit they found a place they could sit for a minute with not too many people around them. Ira was the first to break the silence.   "So we can get the transport for free as long as we do a job for the harbour master, doesn't sound too bad to me"   "No, no it doesn't and that is what worries me, we don't know what the job is, could be anything" Azran said while rubbing his eyes.   "You are right but it's not exactly because we have our pockets full of coins," Ira said while getting up and taking a few steps back towards the harbour master's office.   Standing up and looking towards the harbour entrance, Azran shook his head and turned towards Ira and began walking.   "Why do I have a feeling you are going to be the death of me? come let's get the details for the job"   Knocking on the door to the office again they were lead in and after having told the harbour master that they accepted his offer he told them that he would send a runner with the details for the job later that evening and that the job most likely would take place within the next few days and that they should not worry about missing the ship, he would tell the captain to wait until they were on board.   Later that evening, while waiting for the runner from the harbour master would arrive, Azran and Ira were sitting in the main hall in the inn and was enjoying some cheap beer and some decent food, or rather Azran enjoyed the drinks and food Ira found it disgusting but forced her self to at least eat some of it.   While sitting there the two of them overheard some of the other people eating at the inn telling each other how during a diplomatic visit around the empire some had kidnapped the crown princess and one of her Imperial Guards escorting her and that the entire army along with several other groups were looking for her.   Looking at Ira, Azran could not help but smile and say in a low voice.   "Well at least they don't think I was the one kidnapping you"   "No, they would be quite shocked if they knew who technically kidnapped who," Ira said trying not to laugh too loud.   "But what I would not give to talk to my little sister again, do miss her," Ira said.   "Ah yeah, the "little commander" I heard stories about her but never spend enough time there to get a chance to meet her properly," Azran said while smiling like if he was thinking back to the short time he had spent at the palace before whatever Ira had dragged him onto started.   "Little Commander?" Ira said with a confused raised eyebrow.   "You didn't know about the "little commander? well, let me tell you the story" Azran said a bit surprised before smiling and leaning towards Ira.

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